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No it was listed over a year ago!  
eur 52 (42 U.S.)
Perfect Condition,  but unfortunately i'm getting too big for it!   It's a suit supply Washington fit with patch pockets.   Fabric from Vitale Barbers Canonico (100% wool) Half lined Working buttons Colour brown   Pickup only in Sydney
Does anyone know when the Spring Summer collection is due out?  Not much left from last season in Navy...
If it's from a recent season then maybe it could be.  If not then perhaps there are others from the same label that I might like.
Hi all,   Could anyone please help me identify the make of this tie?  
One hostage from today's siege in Sydney looks very #menswear  
 That's annoying about the sizes, maybe contact them and see if they are order one for you...  Having a a few different fits myself I'm pretty confident you will find the Washington is far more flatting better for your build.  Good luck and post a pic if you decide to order one! 
I'd say try size 90 or a different fit like the Washington.
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