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 That's annoying about the sizes, maybe contact them and see if they are order one for you...  Having a a few different fits myself I'm pretty confident you will find the Washington is far more flatting better for your build.  Good luck and post a pic if you decide to order one! 
I'd say try size 90 or a different fit like the Washington.
Still in the game.
 @EliodA http://www.kjbeckett.com/mens/accessories/ties/kj-beckett-silk-striped-knitted-tie-wine-pink-charcoal.html Charcoal :)
Might take a look on the way home.  Thanks for the heads up!
 are you thinking of popping in after work?
 Herringbone is worth a look and the outlet has some really solid discounts.  Good luck
 I'm really pleased with the quality and it definitely feels like great value for money.  The fabric has a dry feel to it and springs back to life from creases etc.   In terms of colour, the photo on the site is pretty much spot on (at least on my macbook) and i'd describe it as a mid-blue with hints of lilac. I'll try and post a picture on my blog next week. 
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