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 I'm really pleased with the quality and it definitely feels like great value for money.  The fabric has a dry feel to it and springs back to life from creases etc.   In terms of colour, the photo on the site is pretty much spot on (at least on my macbook) and i'd describe it as a mid-blue with hints of lilac. I'll try and post a picture on my blog next week. 
  I do (the blue traveler), what do you want to know?
  Hi I'd recommend checking out Vilebrequin.   http://us.vilebrequin.com
You're welcome.  To be honest I'm not sure when it comes to LBM, I suspect they do but probably differ from model to model.   From what i hear yoox has a great return policy and you could always ask their customer support about a specific model...
Hi, most LBM jackets are unstructured, made from cotton and have no canvas or lining at all( I can't say this is true for all LBM). My advice would be to try one on and see if it's flattering and let that and your lifestyle determine the purchase decision. Post a picture if you end up getting one!
Are you planning on telling everyone you are wearing a Hugo Boss suit?
+1 :)
I should be there by 8 tonight.  Thanks for organising Nabil
Hard to say as you didn't specify a budget.  Low for some is not low for others...   Anyway, the parisian gentleman has a really good ready to wear suit review.  It covers the full spectrum of prices and is great place to start.   http://parisiangentleman.co.uk/2014/04/17/pgs-recommendations-the-2014-ready-to-wear-suits-edition/
count me in too!
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