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One hostage from today's siege in Sydney looks very #menswear  
 That's annoying about the sizes, maybe contact them and see if they are order one for you...  Having a a few different fits myself I'm pretty confident you will find the Washington is far more flatting better for your build.  Good luck and post a pic if you decide to order one! 
I'd say try size 90 or a different fit like the Washington.
Still in the game.
 @EliodA http://www.kjbeckett.com/mens/accessories/ties/kj-beckett-silk-striped-knitted-tie-wine-pink-charcoal.html Charcoal :)
Might take a look on the way home.  Thanks for the heads up!
 are you thinking of popping in after work?
 Herringbone is worth a look and the outlet has some really solid discounts.  Good luck
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