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Can't do the 24th gents. If the date changes can someone please @mention me? Hope you guys have a great night and I'm keen to be part of the next one!
Yes it is Australia Day, anyone else want to put some dates out there?
I'm keen, Surry hills / Darlinghurst area? Maybe next Thursday? @Master-Classter
 Yes I bought a pair from the Armoury a few years.  The last was pretty narrow, great quality but keep width in mind...
SartoriaMac completely agree that you can't compare bespoke with off the rack, it's like comparing a Bentley with Mercedes.  Also I won't try and compare my knowledge of fabrics with yours, you are a professional craftsman and I am a consumer - a reasonably informed one compared with the general public...  I do know what mills they use and have read up on them and after years of buying suitsupply I am a very happy customer.  (And for the record, no i don't work for them...
They buy them from respected Italian and English mills eg Vitale Barberis Canonico, Delfino, Reda, Carlo Barbera etc. these are the same fabrics you will find at quality mtm tairlors. Google the above mills and judge for yourself.
Mike I put our experiences down to just being unlucky. I love the clothing that suit supply offer and it's become my go to for suits and jackets, except when I'm in Italy! The fabrics are excellent (I worked in menswear for 4 years while I was a university) so I'd give it another go. Now I wish they would just open a store in Australia! Most of the pics on my blog (link below) are from suit supply
Mike I bought exactly the same suit (hanana navy traveler) and also had two holes within weeks of buying it - mine were both under the arm holes at the back. I put the first one down to my fault and assumed I must have snagged it somewhere, but after number two I have my doubts and think it's the choice of loose weave as you pointed out. I fixed mine at a local tailor in Sydney at my own cost. I'm surprised at their response as I've found them to be excellent on the odd...
Went there today which was my first suitsupply experience since I live in Australia and have been forced to buy online. Beautiful store and very helpful & friendly staff. Lots of texture in the sports jackets and overcoats this season. Worth a visit!
No it was listed over a year ago!  
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