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I have been wearing them for the past few months and loving every minute. It is difficult to see but the crease on the right shoe has a lighter color in the fold. I think it looks great the only issue is that it is not doing the same on the left shoe. The shoe has not been treated other than brushing. Is this normal?
Finally pulled the trigger on the horween burgundy db. They were on sale and i decided what the hell. Put a fresh coat on obeanuf lp on last night.
I will be visiting family in Wales this weekend and will probably do some shopping in Cardiff next week. From my last visit I remember a Tm Lewin which I will probably visit for some shirts. I hope to find some chukkas as well. can anyone recommend some other shops?
Thanks for posting a picture because I have been wondering how they would look after a few wears. Reminds me a lot like color #8 cordovan. I am debating between these and beeswax dbWhen you say stretch was it a lot? I am between us 8 and 8.5. Size 8 are to narrow but the 8.5 is a bit to roomy.
Curious to hear some feedback from people since I will visiting London in December. Some of the stuff is nice but is the pricpoint to high?
I did size down because I was tired of jeans stretching too much. I only wear jeans on the weekends which makes the process a lot longer.
I just started to wear my pair of japan standards. Can expect them to stretch a lot? Right now I can wear them but they are tight in the hips making it difficult to put things in my pockets like my wallet and phone.
I appreciate the feedback. Gives me a reason to buy another pair to experiment
Sadly i did not. I could not wait to wear them. I was planning to install the taps anyway. I have them on most of my shoes to prevent wear.
My jcrew lwb after a few wears. I am pleased with the comfort level right out if the box. I just dropped them off at b nelson to have flush mount metal toe taps installed. As you can see from the pic they are wearing fast. Sad part is i dont pick them up until next week.
New Posts  All Forums: