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It is a great (branded) experience. I'm going to write a review on my experience, they hooked me up! The CEO of J.Crew is constantly visiting the store. Andy Spade did a great job designing. I'll post my review on my blog and here.
Botani on 36th near 7th ave
How do you feel about the tie in the picture? imo I like it. Different take on the knit.
Quote: Originally Posted by Aaron01 Best looking one I've seen I'm sure others will disagree. I LOVE THIS! Where can I get it? Edit: This is from Corneliani
Quote: Originally Posted by af1snaikboi Can someone reccomend me a tailor in NYC that does shirt alterations for around 10 a shirt? Need to slim some down. Thanks +1
You asked a good question for a jewelry store. Don't let his preconceived notions mess with your emotional level. Did you find anything at the Hickey sample sale? I was not blown away by anything. I think I prefer his other lines. I say kill them with kindness if that doesn't work let them kill themselves.
HF is good stuff. Congrats on the find
Jay Wright. I like Zeke's look sometimes (although I hate his coaching).
I'm still growing my wardrobe but I think I will adapt to the changes ahead.
Quote: Originally Posted by yfyf Also, my dear girlfriend knows about Styleforum and is glad I have it so I don't have to bore her. ^^^yfyf this is my life too. lol
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