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Quote: Originally Posted by gastarbeider if your first pair of converse was in 2003, or after, then this is a nike appreciation thread. I think most people are fully aware that Converse is a subsidiary of Nike. That is not the point of the thread. However I want these NOW. Japan proxy? Converse Japan Jack Purcells Source:
About time don't you think? How many of us have and continue to wear the old 'C'. This could easily be a Chuck Taylor thread but to be fully transparent I'm a Jack Purcell enthusiast. I have about 10 pair in my active rotation and will post from time to time if this thread picks up steam. Contribute your best Cons porn, by all means. No need for that soft stuff. Cheers!
Core Performance by Mark Verstegen and Pete Williams Reminds me, I need to order a new copy to replace the copy I lost.
I'll definitely be at the Friday night event. Thanks for having this in Brooklyn.
I bet the secret product is something from L.L. Bean
I recently became a big fan of an NYC based brand called Public School. They have been getting a lot of good press recently. Most of their clothing is all black. They make some of the best leather jackets I have ever seen. After attending their 1st sample sale, I'm REALLY a fan. Here is the site I'll post some of the items that I own. Anyone else hear about this brand before?
I guess since people hate Kanye so much he must be doing something correct. I like the sneakers. Maybe it is because I'm a young guy --not that people that hate him aren't young, but some people are really young but have old/antiquated views of the world (and fashion). However, I would never pay that price point. lol
Thanks sir
@ADH I went there during the sale right before XMas. They weren't supposed to honor the sale that was going on at other J.Crew stores and online because of their limited quantity of merch but the manager said 'what the heck' and let me get the discount anyway. I'll be going their again soon. Good staff. They also told me to check the Billy Reid shop, as Soho/Tribeca does not have many 'mens' shops and they want to see more variety in the area. @mwilliamspr lol...
The people at the Liquor Store said Michael from ACL is in the store constantly. They must be doing something right!
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