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Quote: Originally Posted by JMRouse Can't go wrong with either. I totally agree. These may be my two S/S suiting purchases.
My post needs to be deleted
Today after work, join ModSnob and a distinguished network of young professionals at The Libertine's classic leather and mahogany-bedecked space for a happy hour to kick off the weekend and celebrate the launch of Indulge in the specials - $5 glasses of Prosecco, $5 Stella Artois, or let us redefine your cocktail with our bourbon-based signature drinks, the (D)ebonaire Classic and the Snob. You'll never touch a plain old mixed drink...
Quote: Originally Posted by DrZRM Figure I'll X-post these here. Ordered these a few days back, delivery should be tomorrow. CTS (Chuck Taylor Skate) hi-tops. They will be available in white too by the summer, both hi and low. First pair of sneakers I've bought in ages. These are sick.
Quote: Originally Posted by milosz I'm a 13E in Red Wings, and a 14 in Adidas - so with Purcells I should probably get a 14, yes? Yes, 14. However, I hardly ever see Jack Purcell's available in above a 12.
Quote: Originally Posted by laphroaig What is the try-hardness to distance from boat ratio for Sperrys? Does it work on an inverse square law, as in do you have to take off your Sperrys as you step off the boat or be tazered by the fashion police? Or is it more logarithmic, where you could wear your Sperrys for a potential Sart pic in the meat packing district because just maybe you could have got lost on your way to the nearest...
I get the JP boat shoes because they are JACK PURCELL! C'mon son!
Converse Jack Purcell (Edward Boat) Spring 2010 *The JP boat shoe is a great new addition to the legacy of the 'other' first/last name Converse icon line. I will be purchasing the two models featured above. What about you? Source
Quote: Originally Posted by Robert This thread = fail. This has been done already only better Are you vested in the 'dirty canvas' thread? Protecting an investment? What was their IPO, btw? In jest of course. Anyway... CONVERSE Japan - Dress code 1/2 - Jack Purcell S Plain (Red)
Quote: Originally Posted by Smahatma I overheard someone on the NYC subway last weekend say to his friend something along the lines of "Why would you buy those when you can buy Converse for much less? They're the same thing", in reference to the Common Projects Achilles low's I was wearing. I didn't say anything, because I don't associate with poor people. And before anyone mentions the irony of me taking the subway, I put $5000 down on my...
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