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Baileys on the rocks
Always size DOWN with the All Star.
Quote: Originally Posted by VictorC I dont understand what who bought Converse has got to do with the fact that i dont like the look of those jack purcell shoes because they dont look like the converse that i like and am accustomed to. You stated that they were not "traditional" Converse. In the history of Converse, the JP is one of the legacy shoes. Full disclosure: I interned at HQ in North Andover, Massachusetts as a college student. I...
Quote: Originally Posted by VictorC Whats this jack purcell talk? Thats not converse. I want traditional converse. Classic. C'mon son! Are you crazy. I understand Converse bough the Purcell brand from BF but in case you don't know, Nike also bought the Converse brand (years ago). Catch up or fall off. is truly a great place for discount Jack Purcells. I'm picking up two new pairs of slip-ons as we speak.
Quote: Originally Posted by BriansAWildDowner I've got a Converse question. I've got a pair of Chuck Taylors but i can't wear them anymore. Whenever I do my feet sorta start to cramp up or something. Are Jack Purcells any more comfortable? I don't believe most Jack Purcells are very comfortable. I actually use a gel insole for the 15 pairs from my collection that are not John Varvatos editions. The JVs are very comfortable! I just wish the...
Quote: Originally Posted by poodlerock I can't recall the name of the Japanese group that makes repros of classic Converse (if memory serves, they make Chucks better than Converse used to). Can anyone help me out? Needles (Japan)
@deveandepot1 do you realize that this thread is worth around $1,930 (low ball #) taking into current views and using a $10 CPM (cost per thousand)?
CLOT for Converse (Product) RED Jack Purcell These go on sale globally on April Fool's Day. They are sweeet!
Quote: Originally Posted by MiddleClassDude I think the final stock of these are finally wearing thin. I grabbed them specifically because I knew if I held off too much longer then when I REALLY wanted them they wouldn't be around anymore... I don't know for what season these came out but I guess I'd figure early or mid 09? Maybe earlier? If you have wear 9, 9.5 or 10 you're lucky still...
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