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How does 915 last fit compared to other EG lasts? An Audley in cloud antique / burgundy antique or even racing green will be awesome!   I have too much black shoes so need to pass the black edition...
Is Utah identical to hatchgrain?
Wonder if Steve can explore some interesting leather sample for a veldtschoen galway MTO Got the zug from another popular retailer, thinking which special leather Steve can bring us
Luckily they don't carry navy or even purple museum calf, or I have been tempted.
Unlucky that carmina doesn't carry triple monk boots pattern, the purple calf will just be awesome on monk boots.
8.5E or 8F, both gone...
fxck, no longer able to get Veldtschoen boots at reasonable price, not sure if any other makers do that for RTW.
May do a pair of button shoes if and only if EB is introducing navy museum like Vass...
Barbecue section!!! With sausage & steak...
On demand of Edward Green we don't sell overseas online
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