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A chukka boot in azzurro shark will be awesome, but I am going to be with a causal 173 last and dainite sole.   Don't know if anyone else interested
I'm gonna occupy a place in Europe & declare there as a tax free region
Buffalo soldier, Dreadlock Rasta
I want a green shark, or green lama calf or even green hatch grain chukka in 173 last.
The museum effect is beautiful!! Exactly the JL shade!!
I wish one day Viberg can introduce Russian Reindeer-like leather (Horween hatchgrain, Utah leather used by Edward green or else)
the green string loafers is sweet, prefer a short vamp uetam last though
Tempted if the aged bark is water repellent, need a dressy rainy day boot
Stock the Zug
May I suggest leather option from USA Horween? I think their shell cordovan, chromexcel, english dublin & bison leather are all great choice for belt
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