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Material: Etrusco calf Sole: single leather sole Price with worldwide shipping, new one in store costs around US$550
Eurotex is not responsive to email at all, I will be glad if someone can provide a convenient way to communicate with them.
I believe the shell one is using machine stitching instead of the Dover technique.
wrong size, gonna get rid of them.   US$150, with free worldwide shipping.   Average $50 per pair.
Where can I buy Eurotex fabrics? The Eurotex Rome seems really not enthusiastic in selling fabrics to individuals? No reply for sending to Netherlands at least
I believe Eurotex Rome is not the same company as you post?
George Cleverley Benchgrade shoes Model: Adrian Material: Tan calf, patina by Dandy Shoecare Sole: Single leather sole with metal toe tapes Good Condition, wore several times only
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