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Where can I buy Eurotex fabrics? The Eurotex Rome seems really not enthusiastic in selling fabrics to individuals? No reply for sending to Netherlands at least
I believe Eurotex Rome is not the same company as you post?
George Cleverley Benchgrade shoes Model: Adrian Material: Tan calf, patina by Dandy Shoecare Sole: Single leather sole with metal toe tapes Good Condition, wore several times only
Model: JL style Jodphur Material: Plum Museum Calf Sole: Single Leather sole with vibram on Condition: Brand new, perfect condition Price is with worldwide shipping
I believe the retail price of the exact make-up would cost no less than US$700 nowadays. Price includes worldwide shipping Model: Captoe Single Monk Material: Black Lizard Last: Rain Last Size: UK8.5EE Sole: Single leather sole with topy on
I hope there would be a denim low top project, hmm...
Brand: Gaziano & Girling Model: Thorpe Last: MH71 Size: UK9E Sole: Double Dainite with storm welt No trees, extra $90 for skoaktiebolaget tree Perfect condition, excellent choice for foul weather boots Sell for USD$700 with worldwide shipping, nowadays usually sell for at least $1200 at reatilers
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