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MTO via skoaktiebolaget, with R1 slim rubber sole Price is with brand name shoetree & worldwide EMS.
Listed price is with worldwide EMS
TBH, I don't think the fading would be identical if you wear the only jacket more frequent than the two pants. I will give up the trousers once they are wore and match the jacket with other odd pants
LGB 8-9oz, or Standeven coolstretch
Horween one is a bit stiffer than the Ileaca one, but more choices in colour. I think Ileaca has stopped producing Zug unless a big enough order appears.
there is zug, but no longer Italian ileaca. Currently EG sources zug from USA horween
Price is with meermin trees & worldwide EMS.
Suit length, listed price is with worldwide EMS.
0.5cm herringbone Enough for a 3 piece suits. Listed price is with worldwide EMS
Anyone who owns both the Alden Trubalance and Vass P2/Budapest last? Would like to seek your sizing advice especially the toebox.   I am wearing US9 in Alden Trubalance and UK9E in the old EG 888 / UK8.5F in the new EG 606.
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