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Sell to pay for suits. Price included brand shoetree and worldwide EMS. Few wear, wonderful condition.
  The P2 longwing looks very nice!!!
You do really take words serious To be honest, subtle dark green
I want a green...
Sell to pay for suits   Retail price is around USD900 - 1100.   Price included worldwide EMS.
the thickness seems to be a tropical fabrics, maybe H&S crystal spring wool/silk/linen?
Burberry London series, made in Italy. Euro Size 48R = UK chest size 38 Listed price includes worldwide EMS
Sell to pay for suits. Model: Newbury plain toe wholecut oxford Material: Finest black boxcalf Last: 890 last, fit similar to 888 last Sole: Single leather sole, with metal toe tap installed Shoetree included.
Price revised
Sell to pay for suits Model: Edward Green Dover Sole: Double dainite sole with leather mid sole Material: Rosewood CC Shoe tree included, with worldwide EMS.
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