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If you are going to restock Gaziano & Girling Arran Country Grain Thorpe, I suggest to setup a pre-order   A lot of people are loving them but have F or G-width feet, including me...
No, G&G doesMaybe Enzo Bonafe can do
How about wensum sole or single leather?
I think money will flow into your bank account if you can develop 3 piece boot tree like Bespoke England did
But guys, do you usually size down for chelsea boots from oxford sizes? If no, I am a UK9F If yes, maybe UK9E
Support for acquiring museum calf...
Espresso or vintage oakF widthAlthough MH71 is a great last, I feel this Burnham looks best on TG73 (actually Deco but I am afraid they won't do shoes in Deco last at benchmade quality and price), do you agree?
Just buy a cognac briefcase before the secret launch ends...looking forward to more availability in colours though
What cream & wax I shall use on oxblood? I wonder.
Rain last, JR single leather or HAF sole Or if your guys like museum calf, plum museum + black alligator strap or brown museum + brown alligator strap might be nice too. Here is an inspiration by John Lobb  
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