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Are you going to have a single MTO?
An inspiration for those boot guys   G&G TG73 Canterbury Vintage Grey calf & dark grey suede  
I don't know if I should acquire a doak Dover if owning a Oak Hatch Grain Hove Hmmmm.....
I will not reject pearl grey or vintage rioja... but 1st choice is still vintage cherry. Either SINGLE Oak bark or wensum sole is good for me
Which cream & wax do you usually use on the Enzo Bonafé Wholecut in Etrusco Calf?   Mahogany cream & burgundy/red wax?
To declare my interest, I need a F width...
Before price rises, any possibility to launch a GG GMTO? Oakham TG73 last Vintage Cherry body with burgundy highland grain cover MTO: medallion
Sadly you guys are not proposing a Brown CXL Indy boots
I doubt if I have any occasion to wear a Chelsea, or I may be interested in the plum museum boots.
I just joined a MTO group but didn't receive any payment request, either by email or web page. Is it going to request that once the group is closed?
New Posts  All Forums: