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Sadly you guys are not proposing a Brown CXL Indy boots
I doubt if I have any occasion to wear a Chelsea, or I may be interested in the plum museum boots.
I just joined a MTO group but didn't receive any payment request, either by email or web page. Is it going to request that once the group is closed?
I have PMed @Leaves to vote for Brandy Willow Nevis
Brandy Nevis or Brown Dover!!!
Thanks, so shall I view it as smooth version of pebble grain?BTW, I am in for a Dover in Brown over Brandy. It looks quite like whiskey which I have a loafer in.
Is willow grain in the same category as county calf and hatch grain? I feel it is a bit smooth to be a country style footwear in the picture.
How about a double monk GMTO?   tobacco suede inca last single leather sole
Isn't the link is for securing the stock which will arrive Sweden this month? I don't think it is a pull order
But I am having wide feet, F or G width
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