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I need a F width even in G&G, Hmmm...so I guess I will not successfully group 5 person for this vintage cherry St. James 2. As alternative I might go for the Enzo Bonafe Burgundy Beauty directly later this year
No I like the leather G&G uses, I have an oxford in Deco Green calf but their are difficult to take care of (actually so all crust leather does), no renovateur no reno mat. However let's see what will happen...if their agree to have Deco last (just the last not handgrade level) at general RTW price I may be tempted
Vintage Cherry? What I have some concern is that the use of crust leather & the unreasonable high price for benchgrade MTO, yea the leather quality is good but I think I would only consider Deco grade MTO after their recent price raise
I will be in if the Enzo Bonafe burgundy beauty is used on a St.James or St. James II style GMTO  
Looking forward to the new GMTO model being proposed
Alden!! I need a chromexcel Indy Boot as work boot!! Definitely looking forward to that! I believe you should contact Enzo Bonafe too! Skoaktiebolaget is promoting them well & I feel that their quality is great
We HongKongers smiles
I would like to have this side cut double monk with plain toe in either saddle shell or calf in similar colour. Sigh.
Sorry...I didn't buy that, I am so bankrupted
New G&G Vintage Grey, stunning but sadly a poor guy in front of my PC  
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