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How about ananniversary rerun for the collection by duke of Windsor
You can simply get the EG Newbury alternatively.
I have already had a Zug Galway & a rustic Arran grain Thorpe, enough brown for me.
Sorry, gotta get something else if finally go 9 eyelets.
Anthony Cleverley? or some Italtian?
9 eyelets seems busy, I prefer 7 actually.
Yes I do, but it seems brown is the vast majority
Thinking of this hand tied tassel loafers in Blue Suede & Forest last, in single leather sole or equivalent thin rubber sole (no Dainite & Commando sole)   Unfortunately the Alden aberdeen last is not for my feet  
23.  Model: Service boot Last: 2030 Leather: Navy Latigo Leather (tongue): Roughout natural CXL (open to change here) Eyelets: 7 antique brass eyelets Midsole: natural Sole: Dainite Comments: unstructured toe, pull tab, tonal stitching, brogue toe cap   I thought the previous discussion has lead to black or best matching tongue, and also partially structured toe?
1 hard wear boots, 1 split toe derby & 1 dress oxford will make 90% of events covered.
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