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LOL literally cracks me up
How much better is the TD Dover over the normal MTO? Especially for the options in grain calf, really curious.
I remember enzo does provide thin rubber sole like wensum by GG
Impressed by Escorial fabrics, hmm but the cashmere like hand feel makes me worried that it is hot, even the lightweight one
Just FYI, I just got the reply from William Halstead.   "Many thanks for your enquiry and interest in our fabrics.   I assume you are comparing the weights of 2 ply and 3 ply mohair. The main choice between the 2 ply and 3 ply is more aesthetic rather than performance. The 3 ply is heavier as you noted, it is also demonstrating more mohair character; that is crispier and springier. Most people who know mohair would consider the 3 ply to be the more “vintage” option due...
Is William halstead 3 ply mohair blend a fabrics for warmer climate? It is heavy with around 390g in weight. Any experience?
Hi David, I believe the existence of silk makes the fabrics a good jacketing but not suiting material?
May I know why suede is preferred? Is peccary not good for shaft?
Material: Etrusco calf Sole: single leather sole Price with worldwide shipping, new one in store costs around US$550
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