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In fact, either it is 0.5 too large or the instep is too high for you. Hardcore SFers state that before entire break in, a V gap should be there.
Eager for some navy ideas in 2030 last during next GMTO, how about chromepak or Essex? I just know that Epaulet is using curo curo as shell substitute accidentally..
Thanks! length is good at 42.5 F last, so I shall go to 42.5 in 3636 
3636 I assume?
To me, it depends. Simple wholecut design, 890888 for cap toe & full brogues 
Thinking about a Viberg style work boot in 3636 last, is it same size as F/U last or size down? Thanks!   I am a 43F/42.5G in F last
Look sharp on this cognac shell, don't think saddle shell will work better than that.
I am interested in getting the midnight reversed kudu service boots, does someone has experience in 1035 last? Can I also have the advise on 2030 last? Thanks! My size Alden Barrie: 9.5D Edward Green 64 Galway: UK9E Edward Green 606 Dover: UK8.5E Edward Green 888 oxford: UK9E Carmina Rain: UK9 Carmina Detroit/Sollar: UK8.5 G&G: UK9E Vass F/U last: 43F
yes, my 43 = 9e
luckily theu don't stock a UK9 Gable now
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