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Vintage pearl grey calfDark grey SuedeTG73
Can I ask for the cream & wax on black misty calf? Neutral cream & black wax, or else?   I know the gold museum calf should apply Saphir Hermes Red cream however
Come to HK & hold a trunk show please!!! Lessor LGB is waiting for your CMT haha
JL chapel 8.5E Am I 8.5 or 9 in GG and Eg? BTW, I want a monkey boots in zug!!
Does the goyser welting make the shoes half size bigger? If so, haha!
me too, missing UK8.5
^^ Great!! If and only if I haven't got three boots already however... Zug today
Don't know if Edward Green changes their sizing   I am a Carmina Detroit UK8.5 Cordovan Blucher. Initially snug fit, well wear after breaking in   Also a Enzo Bonafe UK8.5 Etrusco Wholecut in 946 last, quite well snug fit.   Recently acquired a UK9E EG 888 oxford through MTO, no break in required, slight heel slip   Just FYI.
Patrik,   Do you have plan to use Tärnsjö leather on a Carmina Grain Jumper?   This style   This leather
Black sintra is awesome but I have already got a black misty chapel
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