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Haha  I was referencing this post (below) about gentleman's sock habits. It was a joke, saying that his socks, being grey, indicate that he's an unhappy man. I guess the joke wasn't as funny as I thought.  
Restoration Hardware makes good quality products, they're built to last and aren't crap. However, they are notorious for being overpriced. Whether or not to spend the money is your decision, however I think it's worth it. 
What does that say about a man who only owns grey socks...?
I like a lot of the suits featured in the article. The film certainly has a nice costume department.
You're correct in believing so. I think that the other users are experiencing a bit of jealousy in seeing the cars; understandable - but a sign of shallow character. The same "idiot company" that had a net gain of over 11 million dollars last fiscal year. You should get back to your shift at Joseph A Bank - there's probably a "buy socks, get two free suits" sale that you have to tend to. 
Sure, fair enough. It was a company car, now it is mine. Still registered under the business' name though. I would describe it as a company car, apparently others would not.
I'm a partner in the company, and that's how I bought it. Leased at first, and when the lease was up we just bought the car cheap. As said before, I also have a mechanic (working on my Jag) who can fix anything on the Rover if it goes wrong. 
It works well - we're a very small company and are planning on upgrading to a few X5s. The cars only have around 60,000 miles on them as of now - they're not used that much as we all have personal cars. That's just the "DD" I posted because it's a regular car. I drive the DB9 frequently as well.
It's a company car.
Personally, I'm not a fan of the bowlers. I prefer the Fedora. I like to be slightly more modern in my dress than the style of the bowler.   Regards, Abraham
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