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 That's not the polish, it looks like you've rubbed off the top finishing coat on the leather.
Another night out in Rome, in black/gray/violet.  
About to go out for a late night drink       The shoe is an F&F, our personal variation on a short balmoral boot, in burgundy patent and suede 
 Yes, I should've been clearer.
 No, è 700 km più su.
 Never found Mondovi leathers in Rome, unfortunately...
Bonaudo is the only Italian tannery where I could find kangaroo. Their "glass flower" 'roo looks like glace kid, but is almost as strong as calf.
  Leather always creases, but it should crease only in the right points. 
  That kind of darkening is usually made by burnishing: the finisher applies a layer of darker wax polish, then uses a fast turning rotary brush to "burn" the wax into the pores of the leather. To eliminate that kind of darkening the only way is to deglaze with a solvent. 
The ordinary manutention does not involve stripping the finish. It would be like de-waxing your car with abrasive polish during a normal wash: unnecessary, maybe even damaging. Renomat, acetone, pure alcohol (indeed) and other solvents are used only when the leather is clogged with dirt and products: in my experience, you need at least a couple of months of frequent use to need this kind of stripping. Speaking about chamois, I use cotton (strips from old shirts) to apply...
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