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 Me too, I love commando but only for boots. I prefer leather sole for shoes. FYI, Adam @ AoC has  a color 8 SWB with antique edge, Aberdeen last and doblue oak sole, http://www.alden-of-carmel.com/shoes-color-8-shell-cordovan-short-wing-tip-502.htm 
For guys who backed the previous runs of Cone Natural Indigos, what's your thought on those? Considering to back the recent run. Thanks!
 The jacket looks super nice Ed! Mine with the same bolt of fabric is in progress, what are the specs of the jacket?
 Keeper indeed, unless those are 7.5D
I was there last October when the long waited color 8 grant last indys just dropped. Here is a photo.  
 Great find Don, Congras! Agree that the Black suede LHS with kahki stitching is really nice. Sadly they only stock D width.
Anyone can suggest where to get the best deal of a CP suede chelsea in either Tobacco / Tan? Thanks in advance! Steve
no sale section has been built yet, you need to go inside each brand to see the sale.
Agreed, worst MR porter sale I've seen in years.
  Gotcha, Thanks!
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