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 The construction of gustin's products are really good, IMO one of the best I've ever purchased. They hold up very well and will last you quite some time.
I can wear same size (30 Slim) in gustin jeans and chinos but I tend size up 1 size for the chinos becuase I don't want the chinos to be as snug as the jeans. About the shrinkage, I agree with others that the shrinkage in the wasit is minimal. Hope it helps.
 Yes, So much bloom in my Cigar CT boots as well!
Hey guys, looking for some shirt sizing advise here. I wear (Regular fit size S in N&F shirt) , ( Slim S in Gustin shirt is quite sung) & (Regular S in Gustin fit me quite well). And I am considering whether I should take size 36 or 38 in TS shirt. Thanks in advance!!
Maiden voyage my goyser welt balmoral yesterday!
 Great! Thanks!!
Hey Gents, newbie question here. Can someone explain how Vass indicates the size on the shoes? I am 40.5 on the F last and the shoes I got fit perfectly. However, they just indicated "40-" on the sole which makes me wonder if the "-" sign means half? Thanks!!
 Haha...hopefully the new campaign starts later today  Have fun with the marathon!! 
 Lovely Gustins!! So as the jacket!  BTW, how's the selvedge cord? You know I will take it any time if you don't want it..haha
 uhh....finger crossing that the order does not go wrong. Will wait for your update. Thanks again Leaves!
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