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 I used 37 on my snuff suede, it gives a bit of color but it doesnt change the color all that much, so I think you should have no problem using 05 on your dark brown.
 You can send the Email to this address: online@aldenshoe.com , just mention exactly what happened and see what they say. Base on my exp. , they usually don't pick up the calls and end up in the voice mail. But you can try your luck.
 I would send an Email to Alden and see what do they say first.
got 2 Gitman Vintage short sleeves shirt with a really decent price. And I am surprised that the SNS stark is still hanging around with that price....
 I would spend $40 more for the commando every time if I could choose. But as I said, I am a huge fan of the commando sole. Thus it would be great for Neocork lover like @sazon to give you some comment from another perspective   
Yea, commando is just awesome!!! When I buy my Alden boots I try to have them in commando. I can walk in commando all days and still feeling great. But walking in neocork will make my feet very tired at the end of the day and I dont like that plastic smell.
 Contact Adam @Alden of Carmel , he has the exact same thing you are looking for. http://www.alden-of-carmel.com/shoes-black-chromexcel-indy-boot-commando-sole-332.htm
 You can check if Roden Gray has one in your size http://rodengray.com/collections/alden/products/indy-work-boot-1
Roden Gray has some Aldens on sale including shell, plently of sizes left.   http://rodengray.com/collections/alden
 This makes me worry about the EP black shell boots that are coming in........................
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