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Same here!!
 I don't think Alden is constantly developing new lasts but I think from time to time they develop new lasts for different foot types in different market. The Tom last and Tru-Flare last they developed for the Asian market are the ones I am familiar with.
Hey Guys, some follow up on the shrinkage on the ISC utility shirt. Below are the pre and post wash measurements of my size 38 ISC shirt. Neck: 40.5cm , 40cmArmpit to Armpit : 53cm , 53cmShoulder to cuff: 66cm , 64cmBack length: 76cm , 74.5cmCuff: 22cm, 21.5cm As you can see, the shrinkage is really minimal...
 same here....my AoM tankers get the most compliment, Whiskey LWBs  are coming right behind.
 It doesn't look like cordovan to me, it looks too flimsy and the small crease in the front part of the shoes looks more like calf.
   Frank has given you some solid answer there. And talking about the last, if you haven't already own a pair of Alden, Barrie last is definitely the way to go, it's a very balance last which you could match it with tons of style.
 Anychance it's actually 926 but not 925? 926 is a wingtip bals in same style but black in my reserach is correct.
 I think Don's wearing the TSM plaza Alt wien boots but not the EP Alt wien in the photos.
    Haha... I understand how painful it is to be a guy in size 7.5D. Mike, may be you could order 1 or 2 units in size 7.5D next time
 Beautifully done!! Is it done by clobber in Taiwan? Crepe sole is very comfortable for me but I only have one. How it wear out is what makes me avoid getting more...
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