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Yes, they are pretty good! I backed it. Should look great with a color 8 boot and suede boot!
Congrats to those who got the whiskey WT boot, they must be gorgeous! Fortunately I am not a WT boot guy but I will be extremely upset if it's a Whiskey tanker boot.
The black x red is going real quick. Back it quick if you want it. Good luck guys!
there's a new pair of Black x Red up for fund. What do you guys think about it?   
You got al the points Mitch!
 Nice Nice Nice!! Unlike many others, I happen to like speedhooks much more than eyelets. They tie faster and look better to me. BTW, have your Gustin denim arrived, Mike? I am considering getting one myself and wanna know how you think about them comparing with RRL's?  Thanks!
 Everytime I see your ChurchHill Indy, I am amazed by how much it looks like a whiskey Indy.
 Nice Tristan. I always enjoy watching your video!  She's adorable!
 They look awesome Saz!   Thank you for your information Sir!
 Take a look at the ALDEN FAQ thread by our fellow member @mdubs and you'll have the answer.  Good Luck!
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