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exceptional! We are also a Boots guy!
He certainly is..!!
Guys from ashland leather just upload a photo tour of Horween: http://imgur.com/a/VJMRF, I am sure you guys will like it as much as I do!   Steve
Schott sale at venteprivee! Bought a wool duffle coat with just 108. Very good deal!
Wow! The Church Hill indy looks amazing! They look like shell to me. Thanks for sharing! Steve
   Thank you gentlemen! They were purchased back in 2012, it's a special make up by a Alden reseller located in Hong Kong! Steve
Definitely OK! Go Ahead!
 My snuff suede V-Tip in crepe cole is my all time favourite for the rainy day. With a coat of protector everytime after I brushed it, water spot was never a problem to me. The crepe sole also provides an excellent grip in the tough weather. 
[[SPOILER]]  Uncle, They look really nice with the argyles!!  [[SPOILER]] They all look amazing Mike! Wonder how many pairs of shoes you need to birng for a trip lol! Steve
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