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I think they are both versatile enough to pair with many outfits.  In terms of comfortability, flannel will be better as some people find tweed a bit scratchy In terms of care and durability, tweed is better as its harder to get wrinkle and tweed usually get a better longevity than flannel.  I personally prefer tweed.
 Dang, my grey corduroy tweed order was quite last minute as I couldn't decide grey/kahki.......hopefully my order wouldn't get cancel.
No....only Vtip bluchers, no Vtip boots!
     Agree with others that the reverse welt is the better option here. Frankly speaking, I am glad that someone finally decided to make a shell Vtips with reverse welt. I have a suede Vtips with reverse welt and I think they look better than the flat welted Vtips. I think Brogue's shell Vtips will be a signature make-up, don't hesitate, jump on it!
Yea, but The one Alden SF carries is with blind eyelets, may go with the Alden SF's make up if I cant find one with metal eyelets.Thanks!!
Hey guys, any idea where I can find a Black shell Cap Toe boots with matched eyelets and hooks with double leather sole on the Barrie last? Thanks in advance!   Steve
 I wonder how many PM did you get..haha
 Getting all excited with the ballcaps, how many colors are there gonna be? And are they gonna come in different sizes?
  Yea, I thought they were AE Mcneil at the first sight.
 The patina looks great to me! Are they on barrie last? They look so sleek!
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