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I wish I could order a C&J for RL Ginnai through C&J. Seems RL doesnt stock them anymore....
Thank you so much, Papa!
Hey guys, looking for some sizing advice for 341 last. I own a pair of C&J in 348 last, however, it's quite sung in the toe area and pinch my pinky toe. I am also 7.5D in Alden Barrie & Tru-balance Last and 7.5E in Alden Aberdeen last.   What size do you guys recommend me foe the 341 last? Thank you so much!
I am interested in the whiskey harlech as well. Can the person who is gonna take over from PD add me to the list as well? Thanks a lot!!
Yes, 50% deposit or full payment.
Can't wait....lol
how about a navy shell + navy grain/navy suede boot?   A (navy shell + navy grain) avebury or snowdon or Gianni should look pretty sick!
 We have similar build, I'm 5'7" and 145lbs 38 chest. I also wear 38 heirloom and I think the fit is great. I posted some fitting photos a while back, you could find it in my album. Hope it helps!
  Thank you for the kind words guys!
I think these bb sw bal looks really nice! Any chance that 11.5c or 13c is your size?http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Cordovan-Leather-Wingtips/037H,default,pd.html
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