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 Looks like leydon last to me.
   I am 5'7 145 and the 38 old heirloom fit me very well. Looking forward to the arrival for my new shawl ecru!
     Not a fan for the light denim for jacket as well. As others said, blackxgrey chore coat or trucker will be really bad ass!
     Thanks for the feedback gents!!
     Talking about cords, how you guys prefer your cords to be hemmed? Cuff, blind or visible hem? Thanks!
 any particular reasons why Epaulet's make-ups are having all the delays?  If I remember correctly, Leffot's NST blucher and naval boot were pre-ordered only this year and have been shipped already. I am not on the preorder of the Alt Wien but just wonder why.
 Looking Superb, Mike! IMO, the Daltons is no where close to Alden's WT Boots. Alden does it way much better.
Heirloom balance paid as well. Finger crossing the size is consistent with last year's.
I will wait for your good news!! Seems we have very similar build and taste..
   I am hunting for 31 slim as well 
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