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Up for sell is a pair of Alden Norwegian split toe (aka Tanker) Boots in Color 8 Shell Cordovan. It's probably the most popular Alden boots model and sell out quick. I bought this in Alden San Francisco few months ago. I wore this less than 20 times and it's in superb condition. It's always been kept with shoe tree (Not Included) and brushed every time after worn. I am selling this because I wear suit to office every day and it doesn't really go with the formal trousers....
I think this make up is from few years back and its not in jcrew's website anymore. Unlike most of the shell wintips boots, its in all eyelets and the lining is white in color.I got this with $500, i wanted to resell it initially but I am still deciding weather I should keep it or not after i see the real product.
Just stocked up a Brand new Alden x Jcrew black shell wingtip boots with a really good price! Black shell looks better than i expected.
I just bought a navy SL blade with just £95.00 before tax, seems a great deal. You guys should check it out!
I am in 8D true to size and looking for rare shell cordovan boots. Send me private message if you are planning to sell yours and we will further discuss the price base on the condition of the boots.   Thanks a lot!   Steve
Totally Agree! Jim was so nice and helpful.  I visited Alden SF about 2 weeks ago and I was fortunate enough to get a Cigar PTB with antique edge in my size!! Love it so much! 
Moreover, Alden SF does not sell any tanker boots in Barrie last, all tanker boots from Alden SF is in tru-balance last.   Once again, please think very very carefully before you buy this.
Please think carefully before buying this boots. This guys doesn't have any positive feedback and as Mochi Wisitchai mentioned above, this guy ships from Thailand. I personally encountered a thai scammer selling alden boots few months ago and I am lucky enough to get a full refund by Paypal (this guys request you to pay by payoneer, think carefully, Why?) For more detail of the scammer I encountered beofre, check this link:...
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