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  If anyone ordered a pair of unfinished horsehide tennis trainer in US8 and decided not to keep it, let me know!
 Mike, is there any open stock of unfinished horsehide tennis trainers?
  You may find this article helpful. https://www.hangerproject.com/shoe-care-guide/when-to-replace-soles/
 Thanks Mayor! Yes, you are right, no notes were left as all the uppers are not in decent condition!  That's strange....I tried in multiple browsers and it worked fine.
Hey Alden armies on SF, earlier this year, I sent 7 pairs of shoes back to Alden for restoration, I wrote up a review for the restoration service and thought you guys may be interested. Check out the review in here: http://stevefok316.weebly.com/   Here are some before and after photos of a few pairs, hope you guys enjoy it!      
3 pairs?!!! That's a very expensive trip...
  Thanks for the effort mayor! I hope delivered what they have agreed....
Such a nice price and awesome shade of ravello, I am suprised those are stil sitting here.   Good luck with the sale Shawn!
looking specular!! the trousers look nice and clean too!!
Whiskey NST saddles for $1500   http://www.ebay.com/itm/NIB-Extremely-Rare-Alden-Whiskey-Shell-Cordovan-blucher-saddle-shoe-8-5D-/262438374741?hash=item3d1a8bcd55:g:jzYAAOSwSgJXOG62   Certainly not my listing.
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