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 Venetian shoe cream, Alden wax and Saphir Wax are what I've been using on my shell sparingly and I am very happy with the result. I heard people saying that the neutral Saphir cordovan cream works well but I haven't tried it myself. But I don't think using coloured cordovan shoe cream on shell is a good idea, you certainly don't want your shoes ended up looking like this. Photo taken from Leather Healer.
[[SPOILER]]   Boom!!
[[SPOILER]]  Nice looking shoes!!  Is that the one in size 8E? Looks like Ravello shell + Alpine Grain to me. But would curious to know which retailer carries this make up. What's the model number? You may want to shoot Alden an E-mail to find out more info.
frankly speaking, its gonna be really difficult if not impossible for you to have any retailer makes this boot for you. Given that black shell is the least popular shell color and the majority nowadays usually choose grant last for the cap toe boot.
 Thank you for the clarification, Sir!
 Uncle, not sure if there's a typo but that doesn't look plaza to me, the toe is not really chiseled in your king wt boot. May be because of the angle?
 Unionmade has the exact make up you are looking for a while ago. Not sure if they are going to remake it though. http://unionmadegoods.com/product/alden-kirkwood-cordovan-cap-toe-boot-in-color-8-3962hc/
    awesome looking boots there, NAMOR! Talking about Chamois, Does anyone knows if the chamois makeups by Alden is really chamois hide? I was once told by a salesman in Tessels HK that the chamois used by Alden is not actually chamois hide, its actually cow hide but gone through different treatment than the regular cow hide. I am not sure if he really knows what he's talking about or just telling BS. Anyone have more idea on this?
[[SPOILER]]   Mike, I especially like your aged king pct bal. the patina is awesome!!
Uncle, your king WT boots are amazing! They look really sleek, what last are those and who makes them?
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