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 That piece of shell is awesome! Thanks for sharing! And YES, the aroma of the shell is truly amazing!!
 +1, that's some solid advice.
 TTG, always enjoy seeing your epaulet toursers rainbow in your IG!!!
 Thank you Josh! Can't wait for them!
 Thanks for the heads up Mike. Just grabbed it. Epaulet is just like Alden, after you got the first one, you just can't stop yourself from getting more..lol!
Congrats TS! They look fantastic! I am still waiting for my 7.5E............!!!!
 Wow....Looking really nice & those CXL boots go surprisingly well with the trousers!! 
 @joshgustin +1, Hope you guys could bring in more fabrics for the chino. @sacafotos So you wear same size in jeans and chino?
 Mike, they look exceptional! What color did you choose for the welt and sole edge?
 Those green shell is absolutely amazing!! I should have order one one......
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