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 Can't wait to see some photos...
  Thanks DV, I got it few days ago from Wayne, the leather healer. Base on the code inside the shoes, I believe thsoe Mocs were made in 2005.
So glad that I was able to acquire a pair of barely used Ravello handsewn Tassel mocs (Model Number: 3796Y) recently, they are on Copley last and Alden made these for Beams Japan's 30th anniversary. Perfect shoes for the spring and summer, will post more outdoor photos later! Have a nice weekend Gentlemen!      
I am with team handsewn! :-)
 Yes, Alden restoration will refinish the uppers. Not guarantee they can remove 100% of the stains but will definitely look much better.
 pretty sure that the stains are not cuased by blooming. It should be some dirt or stain that the previously owner didn't take proper care of. IMHO, I think regular shoe care is not enough to remove those stains. May need to redye the uppers in order to make the stains going away.
I don't think blooming will turn to black mark. It'd easier if you could post some photos of your shoes.
These are my 3 years old suede Vtip in crepe sole. Not holding up as well as patrick's, may be becuase I mainly wear them in the rainly day. Cerpe sole is very comfortable but I dont like the way it wears, thats why I prefer commando over crepe.
  sizing reference :  Small (UK 3.5 to 6) Medium (UK 6 to 9) and Large (UK 9.5 to 11).  Happy Friday Gents!
         What others said. My friends think I am silly to wear boot during summer but who cares
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