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Hey guys, if any of you decided not to keep your unfinished horsehide tennis trainer in US8, please let me know! Thanks!!
 A very tough decision but my vote goes to the TSM plaza last medaillion cap toe boots / Alden x Jcrew perforated cap toe boot, in color 8 shell of cuz.
 I got the same problem with aberdeen last, D is too narrow and E is too wide in heel. It's really a shame Alden doesn't make conbination size like B/E anymore, so many great models of Alden are made on the Aberdeen last.  FWIW, 14oz has shell tassels in shell on colpley last. http://www.14oz.com/leydon-hs-vamp-cordovan-tassel-loafer-19486.html
 Yea, that's sarcasm to me too. Able to buy things with a few click is nice. But what we are talking here is a very old fashioned company and their retailer wouldn't even know when the products they ordered will get shipped.  
But the interesting thing is, Alden actually prefers retailers not to list all the sizes on the website, they don't want their customers can just buy a shoes with just a few clicks. Alden wants more interaction between customers and retailers.
they are from shoes and shirts in the Netherlands. 
Ravello Wingmonks with BB chinos
I think rough is a good sign, which means the blemish is on top of the leather, try to polish it out with a deer bone until its flat then nourish it back with VSC and wax.
 that I didn't know, thanks for the tip!
I am surprised that the chamois LWB went faster than the 2 shell make ups...
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