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  Base on my experience, Yes, they are gonna re-dye it and the shoes are gonna be darker, you may interest in the restoration review that I wrote up http://stevefok316.weebly.com/home/alden-restoration-service-review
 TSM and Supply & Advise have something similar to what you are looking for, but both with leather sole. http://www.theshoemart.com/alden-mens-9-eyelet-perforated-cap-toe-boot-shell-cordovan-color-8-d5812 http://www.supplyandadvise.com/products/perforated-cap-toe-boot-color-8-shell-cordovan-d5833h?variant=16506045572  If you are OK with straight tip, Alden DC has Straight tip boots with commando sole on grant last.
[[SPOILER]]   Welcome to the Alden Thread! Greetings from a Alden lover in Asia as well, I am from Macau! Why the sad face? You have a great Alden collection!
   Really cool make-up and the Mk-1 commando sole makes them even more special!
  Looking sharp in your Whiskey PTB, DV! Are those the 1st Gen Commando sole??
I think they are both versatile enough to pair with many outfits.  In terms of comfortability, flannel will be better as some people find tweed a bit scratchy In terms of care and durability, tweed is better as its harder to get wrinkle and tweed usually get a better longevity than flannel.  I personally prefer tweed.
 Dang, my grey corduroy tweed order was quite last minute as I couldn't decide grey/kahki.......hopefully my order wouldn't get cancel.
No....only Vtip bluchers, no Vtip boots!
     Agree with others that the reverse welt is the better option here. Frankly speaking, I am glad that someone finally decided to make a shell Vtips with reverse welt. I have a suede Vtips with reverse welt and I think they look better than the flat welted Vtips. I think Brogue's shell Vtips will be a signature make-up, don't hesitate, jump on it!
Yea, but The one Alden SF carries is with blind eyelets, may go with the Alden SF's make up if I cant find one with metal eyelets.Thanks!!
New Posts  All Forums: