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 Wow, such a cool fabric indeed. Please try to bring them back!! Great if you can bring back the California Confetti and the ISC utility shirt as well! @summersteve
 Thanks for the info. I think I will stay with 36 XS in my future purchase.
Got 3 TS items last month and I absolutely love them. 1 Mechanic shirt, 1 utility shirt and the Blackwatch project jacket! Love the Blackwatch project jacket the most amount all three. And i agree with others that the cuff of project is a bit too tight.   And a question for you gents, do you guys order the same size for all shirt models? I wear 36 in the utility shirt and the fit is spot on, however, 36 in the mechanic feels a tad slim. Which makes me wonder if I should...
 Glad that you guys made an agreement. $300 for those is quite a good deal!
 I echo this, much prefer the weekly release as well!
 I am 5 7" , 145 lbs. Size 36 is too tight for me. Size 38 is great fit with a a shirt and long sleeves underneath.
   Thanks for the comment, will pay more attention on the shoulder during the second fitting. Actually there's no shoulder padding at all...
Did the first fit of my Gun club check jacket and waistcoat last weekend @ Dream Bespoke. As always, Ricky is really nice and easy to communicate with.
 Me too, I love commando but only for boots. I prefer leather sole for shoes. FYI, Adam @ AoC has  a color 8 SWB with antique edge, Aberdeen last and doblue oak sole, 
For guys who backed the previous runs of Cone Natural Indigos, what's your thought on those? Considering to back the recent run. Thanks!
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