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 Lovely Cigars Uncle Mac. Always good to see some cigars which can be spotted as cigars in the first sight!
 Can't agree more for the new denim cut and the box fit shirt.....!!!!!! 
why not 1 size smaller...
Just put the shoetree in and they will restore instantly...
 My wife is not happy with me for getting same model of Aldens in different colors...........I am not sure doing the same with sneakers is a good idea.......
 I wanna save a spot for a pair in museum calf in the future...lol
I am still debating wether I should go with the sport trainers or the tennis trainers..... 
  Very nice PTB  Zippy! Are those the Jasper Dover by Unionmade?
 Good to hear that, not gonna miss the unfinished horse this time!
 If that doesn't discomfort you, I would keep
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