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Totally Agree! Jim was so nice and helpful.  I visited Alden SF about 2 weeks ago and I was fortunate enough to get a Cigar PTB with antique edge in my size!! Love it so much! 
Moreover, Alden SF does not sell any tanker boots in Barrie last, all tanker boots from Alden SF is in tru-balance last.   Once again, please think very very carefully before you buy this.
Please think carefully before buying this boots. This guys doesn't have any positive feedback and as Mochi Wisitchai mentioned above, this guy ships from Thailand. I personally encountered a thai scammer selling alden boots few months ago and I am lucky enough to get a full refund by Paypal (this guys request you to pay by payoneer, think carefully, Why?) For more detail of the scammer I encountered beofre, check this link:...
 May I know Alden DC provide shipping service or they request you to pick it up in person?? Thanks
Can overseas customers do it also??
Alden fransBoone just restocked #8 "indy boots in plaza last" grab the chance if you are interested!    Cheers!
Sounds like I should give 7.5D A TRY...
hi folks,    I would like some sizing advise. I currently own 1 LWB and 1 NST boots both in barrie last 8D, I also own a indy in trubalance last 7.5D.   The barrie last in 8D fits me good but a bit room in the front.   The trubalance last in 7.5D fits perfectly...   I plan to get a Jcrew jumper boots in barrie last and I am wondering if i should stay with 8D or give 7.5D a try.    Any suggestion?   Thank you so much!
Sunday Morning with my #8 tanker in trubalance last...! cheers!   Steve  
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