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yea....a shame that I have enough wintips or I must join the Lindrick...
 Nah. Unfortunately, only 9 people are interested.
@joshgustin, do you think it's possible to make the #218 Japan Selvedge Corduroy in chino?
 Looking great Shawn!
   I think you guys are right and I will go with the double sole. Thanks for the quick response!
Hi Guys, I am planning to mto my first Vass and here are the specs,   Alt Wien blucher - P2 Last Anti Cognac shell 270 goyser welt   Do you guys think the HAF sole will be odd for this make-up? Plus, Can I choose the color of the goyser welt and the sole edges?   Thanks in advance.   Steve
 Hi Guys, we only need 4 more people to make this GMTO happen. Anyone is interested?
 Hi Guys, we only need 4 more people to make this happen. Anyone is interested??
 Here you go. https://www.thebureaubelfast.com/shop/4011/color-8-cordovan-long-wing-blucher
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