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I wish those were 7.5E
 Looking Great, Mike! Just wondering if C&J will do wheeling and fudging on shoes/boots with reverse welt??
 Hey hoit, I contacted Tassels HK for you yesterday. Seems they have no plan to remake that snuff Vtip now and they usually only stock size up to 12 and they do not take pre order for non stock size.
No problem, Roger. I will add you to the list first. Will let you know if some of the people above you pass their chance.
Quote: Chill out Man. He's just trying to get consensus for round 2. I agree with you that round 1 should stay with the details you guys agreed, it's gonna waste too much time to vote for all the details again. Let's wait for Tommy's update and hopefully round 1 could be set asap.
   Hey Hoit saw your question and zippy's photo so I decide to wear mine today. My Snuff Vtip is from Tassels HK with 360 reverse welt and crepe sole, those are my favourite rain day shoes. Zippy's LS version is definitely cleaner with 270 flat welt. I got mine in around 2012 and seems they don't have the stock right now. I took a photo in the same angle as Zippy's for your comparsion. Hope it helps!  Steve
Same here...I prefer speed hooks!
Great!! Thanks Tommy!
Anyone if is interested in a navy/brown shell Gianni boot if C&J doesn't have enough leather for another run of whiskey harlech?
Thanks for the reminder! Just amended.
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