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   @summersteve I agree 100% with @RUFiO795, I love the fabric but not a fan with the new cut of the utility shirt. I love TS shirt becuz of the shorter length to be worn untucked and now I need to take the shirt to my tailor to see if she can have it shortened without affecting the triple neddle side stitch. Below is a photo of the new corded indigo shirt compare with the Natural Cross Jacquard utility shirt. 
just received the corded indigo utility shirt, I think the fabric looks quite nice, just a bit lighter than I expected. And I think its a bit longer than my usual Utility shirt? Anyone has the same feeling too?
 That's a very sad news..
Good news for people like me who want to get a pair of color 8 wingtip bal with match eyelets from BB but they never get restocked. Mack @ is gonna make a run on plaza last, contact him to add your size if you are interested!!   Wing Tip Balmoral - Plaza Last Color 8 Shell Cordovan, Antique Single Oak Outsole, Matched Agatine Eyelets, Flat Welt, Close Heel. We can add your size. Now taking pre-orders for Fall 2017 delivery.   (Photo shown below are the...
 no info on the corded indigo shirt and mine doesnt show fufilled.
I think the jacket length and the sleeves are a bit short and I would like a better range of motion for a outdoor jacket.
 Wow! Congratulations!
 Sadly I don't own a maritime shirt jacket, but considering it has the same measuments as other shirt styles but with a much heavier fabric, I think going for 38 would be the wiser choice.
 I would recommend sizing up, I am XS-36 in shirts and project jacket, but 36 in rover jacket is too small for me.   As I mentioned, I am 5'7" and 38 rover jacket fit great. I def recommend 38 for you instead of 36. 
 Wow, such a cool fabric indeed. Please try to bring them back!! Great if you can bring back the California Confetti and the ISC utility shirt as well! @summersteve
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