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lol.....i am considering to put this in my signature...
 OMG......its remarkable....
Where do you ship from...?
   Me too......the size change button of my Heavy Caramel Chino that I backed on 4th-Dec is gonet too. Josh, is there sth wrong with the system? 
#4 Cap Toe Boot brass eyelets and speed hooks on grant last, flat welt, antique edge and commando sole. If there's no #4 Shell Whiskey Tanker on barrie last, flat welt, antique edge and commando sole!  
Even the description is identical, really suspicious..... Yes. There's a report(Flag logo) button at the button of every thread in both Mobile and Desktop interface that you could report for a possible fraudulent sale.
Oh...that's the one you shined the other day! You did shine them really well, aside from the scratch, they look really new. I'm sure they will look even more dubs' after the restoration!
My guess is because asian usually has wider foot and higher arch. E width is gonna accommodate more customers since they are located in South Korea.
 What's with the scratchs on the left shoe, Mike?! That's something rare to see on your shoes.
 I like the way you write, makes me feel I am reading a poem...haha!
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