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i think it depends on the brand/leather. the 10 doesn't sound crazy tight on you--i think it's the right call.
bump--i have a cheap pair of BR chukkas that i want to try this on.
Quote: Originally Posted by corbu i'd hardly consider that place a true vintage store... and everything is really overpriced theres a decent vintage store in the east village on 1st ave. around 12th st. ... nothing amazing, but they have a few decent finds for cheap i've been there. some good t-shirts but no big deal.
i wear a 9 in varvatos chucks and a 10 in the center hi. i don't actually have regular chucks. hope this helps.
sweet. i already have a pair of the hi-tops in the off white. black pair--15 bucks--why not? i wish they had the red in my size though...
i'd imagine it's a higher schwa than the straight up mid central one--maybe i with a bar across it (i dunno what that symbol is called).
put me on the waiting list.
semi-related question: what color belt with the black cherries? i'm thinking black or tan. brown seems to be too close and would look "off." i think a burgundy belt would be too "matchy." thoughts?
pm sent
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