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they're slimmer in the sole all around. the canvas is better quality. they're both not the most comfortable shoes.
true dress shoe size: 9d reg wing gt: 8d it depends on the person/foot. 1/2 size is a good rule but doesn't apply in all cases.
the flare would swallow topsiders.
i sized down 1 from my normal dress shoe size and they fit perfect. some people have sized down a half size and have found them to fit perfect. some have worn them true to size and they fit perfect. this tells me that there is something else going on than just the number--it depends on the shape of your foot. my advice: order from zappos, sizing down 1/2. if you need them bigger, go true to size. if you need them smaller, go down 1.
i've had them for a few weeks and they feel fine. in fact, they were only uncomfortable for a day or two. i think i'm in the minority though--i've never had a foot problem--never a blister.
red wing gentleman traveler ftw. you can wear them in the winter too. i like my desert boots, but they fail once the weather turns.
embrace the scuffs--they're work boots. i wore my black cherries to a party last weekend--scuffs, beer, etc.--it's all good. i just wiped them down. i'll probably take them on a hike this upcoming week.
^ i asked this earlier but i did not get a response. i figured a burgundy belt would be too "matchy"--if that makes sense. i think a light brown or 'natural' color belt would pick up the color of the sole pretty well. however, i dunno if this will get washed out if you're wearing khakis. dark brown seems off for some reason--it looks like a tried to match the shoes but failed.
what good does it do sitting in your closet? are you just going to ogle at a ferrari in your garage or are you going to drive the f-ing thing?!
i think the op should define "snug"--it's not like he's sizing down three on jeans or something. in his words, the 10.5 were "very roomy." shoes should be snug but not tight--especially if you're doing anything besides walking the dog in you boots--i think the support would help.
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