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how about lace-up boots. i just picked up a new pair of the frye sid short lace on the bay for $90 shipped. here's the zappos link: for a sneaker, i like these: . i have a similar one in grey canvas. revolve carries them too--if the 30% code is still going on it'd be a pretty good deal.
right now: red wing gt in black cherry varvatos austerity brogue in brown clarks db beeswax in brown
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff this is a sweet jacket nice, sure--but not exactly under 300 as the op indicated.
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart Fred Perry black waxed cotton "barbour/belstaff" style moto jacket any website have this?
dana gordon is yummier.
Quote: Originally Posted by Magician I would recommend a decent pair of jeans like 45RPM Jomons. Also a nice leather jacket like a Rick Owens from Throw in some basic tees from l'Maltieri and Label Under Construction and you'll be good to go. A solid and simple wardrobe. The prices may seem a tiny bit high, but remember the alternative is to look like a peasant. so it's $500 jeans or bust?
Quote: Originally Posted by SayNoToPistons Any pointers on what "dress shoes" should be worn? i think dress shoes with more of a matte finish would look better with jeans. shiny shoes with jeans seems like too much of a contrast in formality. this is by no means a definitive answer, but i think suede wingtips look amazing with jeans--especially, if they are beat up a bit. i'm thinking varvatos or ndc or something of the sort.
yeah, and only guys in the navy can wear peacoats and only lumberjacks can wear loggers. i was just pointing out their original use as a warm climate boot.
crepe sole=no traction in snow. -1 btw, they're desert boots--made for british soldiers in the middle east/north africa. not exactly new england winter.
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