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Quote: Originally Posted by TheDon thanks guys. can someone give me the process to go ahead and soak them? (1) turn on hot water (2) stick jeans in the hot water (3) hang dry (4) wear
Quote: Originally Posted by milosz They were operating at a loss over recent years (according to ESPN) - is the new stadium going to push them into profit again, or will there come a time this isn't sustainable management? i find this hard to believe. maybe true if you just look at baseball revenue but the yes network essentially prints money. as a yankee fan i don't quite know what to make of the teixeira signing yet from a baseball...
Quote: Originally Posted by breakfasteatre That guy is like an asian dude wearing americana where i dont want to destroy his face with my fists and boots THATMOTHERFUCKA CAN CHOP SOME WOOD actually, chinese immigrants were large contributors to the transcontinental railroad. that being said, americana on an asian is more appropriate than say, on a canadian.
drawing on the expertise of everyone here, what do you think the leg measurement on 29s would be?
Quote: Originally Posted by robertorex Just some friendly advice, I think the $1-2 you'll be spending on a tape measure will be paid back in terms of how quick you can make sales, and whether you make them at all... +1 i'd jump on these in a heartbeat if i could confirm the measurements. i have a good feeling about them from previous descriptions but i can't drop 130 bones without knowing for sure.
does anyone know if there are measurements online somewhere?
this thread kept me entertained at work for a solid week this past summer.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ispy Warehouse sale? Just grabbed a pair myself. Details are pretty amazing and for $75 can I'm verrry happy. where did you grab them for 75?
when there's a foot of snow on the ground, i'm tucking that sh*t in. i couldn't care less what i look like as long as i don't have snow in my boots.
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