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how do we feel about these?
then again, if it were bespoke, then it should actually fit him. this is quite the mystery.
why isn't this thread pinned?
being in high school, you'll probably stick with tees, polos, button-downs, and sweaters (and jeans, of course). colors and patterns aside, i think your overall fit could use improvement. you could probably drop a size in both tops--the baggy-ness makes you look thinker around the middle than you actually are.
you're probably looking at some type of boot. the standard answers you'll receive are: clarks desert boots frye brando/owen/sid red wing gentleman travelers alden indy boots the first i wouldn't recommend since winter is here (unless you live in a warmer climate). the last three are pricier at retail but can be found under your budget if you look hard enough on the internet.
Quote: Originally Posted by joeygladstone does he have a cross tatooed on his forehead? man, i wish that was an Elway Cross.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bradford True, but he was already an established star. Ever heard of "A Bit of Fry and Laurie" or "Blackadder"? Hugh Laurie was also one of the bad guys in 101 dalmatians.
though a google search of "5eplbd" does lead to a sufu buy/sell thread, i think some of us over rely on abbreviations when helping out newbs. just sayin-- sure "apc ns" is okay but if someone drops "PBJXX005OW" i'm going to flip.
Jeremy Piven in Seinfeld. He was one of the actors audition for the role of "George" the the ficticious sitcom, "Jerry."
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