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related question: what did you guys do for phones? pre-paid plans there?
^ you mean miguel tejada. anyway, i find the whole situation humorous. on the one hand, this is surprising since manny was (1) always a thick dude, (2) always mashed the ball, i.e. no peaks and declines, and (3) not exactly known to be a workout freak like clemens and a-rod. however, i guess you can't really be surprised anymore. 162 games is a long, long season and guys need a little extra to keep in shape i guess. it just goes to show you, guys like a-rod and bonds...
seiko 5 maybe? automatic under $70... type in "seiko 5 automatic" or "seiko 5 military" in ebay.
pm'd about spruce hoodie.
analytic number theory experimental and behavioral economics public economics biochem with a focus on hiv/aids
Quote: Originally Posted by tommboy Best jeans for short legs? hemmed. [/thread]
Quote: Originally Posted by bs3009a I'm beginning to have a crotch hole in my APC NS. I was wondering if it is possible to sew them up with a denim patch, and where I could find a raw denim swatch. Also, what style of stitching would hold the best? you won't need a raw denim swatch. any old piece of denim will do.
ahjota is the man--great seller--good communication.
while ringring's advice is spot on, i have a strong suspicion that the op will overdo it. just wear them man.
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