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who has actually accidentally received sex toys?
i looks kinda like a normal boat shoe, except kinda broken in.
Quote: Originally Posted by nahneun Raw meat is fantastic! Never understood why someone would order a steak cooked more than medium or medium rare. if i saw the cow killed killed in front of me i'd be fine. but the way meat is handled in the u.s. i'm hesitant to order anything more than medium.
1) keep 2) things 3) simple
i get complements whenever i wear dress shoes because of the way they sound on hardwood. apparently, leather soles are unheard of in college.
basics are your friend: tees, button-ups, sweaters, polos, etc. what should set you apart is how well your clothes fit. look at the waywt threads. don't get caught up in specifically what people are wearing but pay attention to fit--shoulder seams spot on, not too mch fabric around the waist, slim but not tight all around, etc. and don't spend too much at your age and budget. maybe one nice pair of dress shoes--i had to go to a few dressier events in college. if you...
g2 is good--more sodium and less sugar than regular gatorade. great for a hangover.
in nyc area the guy at randall's island is good i think... i've worked with a friend of his--i don't remember his name though.
consistency is the thing. it should be telling that there are only two knuckleballers active today (wakefield and dickey).
Quote: Originally Posted by seesee is more like a food... example banana apple orange. yes is bird's spit and it contains Glycoprotein Glycoprotein promote cell regeneration and many other stuff, your body can't produce it. If you don't believe it, ask your doctor about this protein call Glycoprotein and ask him what kind of food provide this protein. Bird Nest is not expensive if you ask me.. is about 70SGD for 6 bottles and every week...
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