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no love for Ip Man?
protein shakes + vicodin.
try some THC. i'm serious.
its probably not enough and you should do your best to get more sleep. however, i averaged about 5-6 hours the last few years as a student and i know people who survived on less. sometimes you just can't get the sleep you need but you can try to ensure that the few hours you do slep are quality. i've found that when i meditate for the 10-15 minutes before sleeping, i wake up feeling better. placebo effect? possibly... but it couldn't hurt. sleep quality makes a...
download Audacity and make your own. then use either (1) bluetooth (2) usb or (3) micro sd adapter to transfer to phone.
shower after running.
i have a similar pair from frye, the sid short laceup. they're made in mexico now but the price was right on ebay (~90 new).
Quote: Originally Posted by eglbc are there any good shoes to be found on zappos? i need some thing for vegas next week (magic/project tradeshow) . i like the suede quoddy blutcher, wondering if theres anything similar on zappos. suede wingtips?
Quote: Originally Posted by pseudonym The song I was referring to was used in the promo. I already checked the HBO website, but thanks either way. "pistol of fire" by kings of leon got a panther.
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