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Quote: Originally Posted by onion If my jeans ever stunk I would probably throw them away immediately. Wtf are you doing in your jeans?? some of us have sweat glands.
i don't know... blood = badass. chocolate = sloppy.
Quote: Originally Posted by colin83 yeah, but do I have to do it fairly soon or can I get it out at a later date is what I'm asking. asap. just cold water that spot and agitate--don't rub.
very cold water and a little detergent can work wonders. i've gotten chocolate out of a white cotton shirt that way.
Quote: Originally Posted by SuperBobo maharishi jacket, no. ugly shape. adidas sneaks, no. ugly color combo (that blue + beige, wtf). its blue, grey and white. i didn't check the white balance on my camera but the colors look pretty close.
adidas nrtn: yay or nay? (i know my mirror is dirty)
between the last and second to last button on the fly.
br seems to be a decent deal at outlet prices.
pm sent regarding es fultons.
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