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not to threadjack but how about the gentleman traveler's as well? i'm looking at cherry ones for f/w.
their jackets and coats don't reach our shores because americans are too fat to appreciate them.
Quote: Originally Posted by merkur Then how do you take a dump? hovercraft.
so i want to stretch out my ns in the thigh area a bit. would it make sense to just wet them a bit and squat?
i play golf on my college team. my recs: definitely go conservative. there's nothing worse than seeing someone decked out in JL stuff shanking one off the first tee. also, you don't need pro-v1's or other premium balls if you don't play regularly. go with titleist nxt or dt solo. this is really simple--just find nice fitting polo and some flat front khakis. and skip the fj classics if you're not going to play regularly. dryjoys will do. however, i have seen a shift...
i just picked up some tretorns in grey--they're hi-tops and the canvas seems really nice.
how do you pronounce "tretorn?"
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