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Bought with a new Macbook recently -- has not been opened. Just got a iPhone so I have no need for it. Currently $275 on Amazon. For sale at $240. PM me.
Quote: Originally Posted by Biggskip Okay, so that's one vote for do not rinse the pasta. You never worry about residual heat carrying over and continuing to cook your pasta? You do worry about it and take carry-over cooking into account. Cook it to just before your preferred al dente and let the residual heat do the rest.
maybe not a ban-worthy offense yet but can we stop taking pictures with our bare feet in the shot?
i use one knife--a fukiwara 270mm sujihiki. $80. done.
And "Whole Foods" may as well be renamed "Cougar Town."
I think it would look fine. Same colored shoes and jacket would look too "matchy" IMO.
john varvatos (the classic one, not vintage) issey miyake
11 bucks tax plus shipping. And I have the receipt so I can return it for $140. If someone wants it, great. If not, back to SoHo I go.
Unworn black wool duffle from Uniqlo in X-Small. Pics and measurements later tonight. I ended up getting one in a different color and I figured someone on SF might want this one, saving me a trip back to the store. The material is 80% wool and 20% nylon. IMO, this piece is unbeatable at this price point. I was originally going to grab a cropped duffle from Topman which is the same price but the material was thin and crunchy (for lack of a better word). This one is...
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