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These beautiful Butteros are up for grabs. Size 44. Brand new for $150.  
Royal oxford is what you want @DonRaphael   Some say it isn't as formal as twill, but I think that's nonsense. It's a very fine fabric with a great weave that gives it a visual interest and a touch of formality due to the sheen. It's the first shirting fabric I thought of immediately after I read your description.
Perfect condition. Looks to be of similar quality of the infamous Sozzi knits.
2.75". Perfect condition. Price includes CONUS.
Gorgeous BNIB pair of Buttero Tanino Mids at an insane price. I really love these, but I think a 45 would serve me better.   Shipping not included. No returns.
All of this is accurate.Though I think nutrition hinges on a combination of calorie as well as hormonal balance. These theories are not bipartisan, and neither is most of human physiology.
Raise your hand if you rock a tote and you're proud.
I may have to start buying larger pocket squares.
 Only you would take pocket squares to a desert island.
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