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 ^Those trousers are awesome.
I have two of their belts. A black dress belt and a brown/burgundy one made of Japanese Shell Cordovan. Both are awesome.
What is this style called?
Why is every girl's last name on Facebook "Marie?"
This. This is a reason why New York sucks.
I justify the loss when selling things as a rental fee or trial period cost.
With my nearly East-Asian hair, I don't have many choices. Something not too far from this:
For short to medium, straight, fine hair is American Crew fiber serviceable or should I be using something else?
Do NOT drink the water they have for pani puris from the side of the road, unless you want to spend a good chunk of your trip near the nearest restroom. I was in New Dehli about two weeks ago and only drank bottled water for the time I was there.
Darwin at work.
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