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This is overdue, but somebody a few pages back wanted me to take pictures of the 5 & 8 last side by side. Here are a few photos that show my 11.5E Park Ave next to a 12D Carlyle. I think they represent pretty well the differences in the lasts. Albeit subtle, they make a huge difference when you wear them.   IMO, this last one highlights it the best.
For sale is a pair of excellent condition, "First" quality AE Macneils sold by Brooks Brothers in black pebble grain leather. Size 12D. These were purchased about 3 months ago and though I adore them, I simply don't wear them enough to justify keeping them. They are not even close to being broken in yet, as you can tell by the presence of the Brooks Brothers embossing on the Poron insole.   The uppers are in the same exact condition as the day I got them, with no signs...
I am a 11.5E in the 5 last and a 12D in the 8 last. Pretty SOP I believe. Speaking of which...these came in from Lord & Taylor the other day...
I have dark brown PA and Carlyle. The Carlyle the sexier shoe...by miles.
Anyone know whether I can expect the True Blue Silks to stretch out more or less than the Cone denim Naturals or Japan blackxblacks? I'm considering sizing down as the latter have stretched out considerably.
Just wanted to share my experience working with Andrew during purchasing my first ever proper suit. I took the long trek over the Cedarhurst from Manhattan this morning and in the end it was completely worth it for the peace of mind and service I received. I did extensive research before deciding who I would trust with almost a grand of my money, and Andrew didn't disappoint. I was in the market for a versatile utilitarian suit that would be appropriate for interviews and...
+1. I appreciate the aesthetics of personalized "sick fades" as much as the next guy but I don't get the obsession of getting them in such a short amount of time. I understand wearing your jeans often to break in the fabric so they fit, but won't the fading just come naturally over the years, as nature intended? How is something supposed to look old without giving it...time? The jeans still look quite nice without the fades in my opinion.This is may just be a product of...
I'd go with Medium. Large fits pretty snug in my 11.5 to 12 size shoes.
I'd take the advice from the guy who is probably someone important at Mayo Clinic.^
New Posts  All Forums: