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Talking about what a thread should be in the thread itself is so meta
+1. Born in '88 and my favorite rap albums are from '94-'95 NYC era. But I do agree that there is quality stuff out there. Just harder to find as it rarely hits mainstream. Fine with me, as it keeps live show costs down.
Clags, you've already done a book.
I have 2 pairs of shoes on Dainite soles. They are fine. If you want the ultimate all day comfort, look no further:  
FWIW, the tailors on Madison Ave. did a swell job adjusting my OTR Hudson suit.
I also read Pitchfork and Anydecentmusic.com for new album recs.
I haven't used Rdio before, admittedly. But Apple music incorporates music that you choose into your iPod/iPhone library, so you don't need multiple apps. That, to me, is huge off the bat.    Also, I have never encountered a better consistent quality in pre-made playlists, based on your own tastes. Apple Music's just seem a lot more focused and accessible than Spotify's do. I think they probably just have better music taste algorithms (which, btw, is currently a booming...
Hey guys, check out this week's Friday Challenge on the CM side.     I think your participation would enrich the competition.
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