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 Can someone please tell me what the official definition of "blazersuit" is?
 Bar and restaurant recs are welcome, as they are my favorite way of gathering the pulse of a new place. Boston is a seafood town, I presume? I was only there for 2 short spurts for interviews in January. The weather was lovely!     I would rather die. I wonder how many people I will piss off if I actually buy and wear this: Bespoke, of course.
I went to the Omega Boutique today in Aventura (Miami) to check out the Speedy Pro and 300 Master Coaxial in person. IMHO, both these watches look completely different in the metal than online. The Moonwatch is much more elegant in person, as you can see the depth and detail of the dial, but for some reason the design doesn't "do it" for me on a completely personal level. The steel on steel 300 Master (which I ended up liking more) is admittedly more flashy, but also in a...
I just found out today that I will be spending the next four years (at least) in Boston. Any sartorial traditions there a newcomer should know about?  
Victorinox 249034 on a #8 Horween Shell Cordovan Strap. Definitely poor enough for here.  [[SPOILER]]
  Man. My tie tying skills just got called out by the SF tie legend.
I've been doing some reading up on ties lately as I was wondering what causes one tie to knot better than another and what are other markers of tie quality. I've read in multiple places that it has to do with the lining. This makes perfect sense to me as I've never really been able to get a good dimple out of my 2 Chipp grenadines (navy and burgundy), and the lining of those has been criticized in the past.
  Thanks! I don't have many pocket squares but I thought this one would serve me well as it has shades of blue, gold, and even gray in it. It really does feel like you're holding a piece of art. I also want to mention how quick the shipping time was. I ordered it Friday night and it was shipped Saturday morning from Texas and it was at my mailbox in South Florida on Tuesday.
All of my friends have decided to get married, so I thought these would come in handy soon. Here's a low-light shot while messing around with a proper camera.
I see the new contemporary OCBDs are up. Awesome. Any idea when you'll have the next round of trousers?
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