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 ^Not in the market for single monks, but I strongly believe that if these were brown calf or suede oxfords they would sell extremely well at this pricepoint.
The rust suede Jodhpur is fire. Would look amazing with any denim. I think the sole/edging would be better off if dark brown though.
This dude's got NO chill.
 And genetics.
+1 for box or even side pleats. From my understanding, box pleats have little functional value whereas side pleats can act as sort of gussets to help range of motion during arm movement which would enhance the fit tremendously. I'm not particularly large, but do feel a pleat on the contemporary fit would aid in comfort as well as add an interesting, if not traditional, stylistic detail.
 From L to R: Hober, Cappelli, Henry C. I'd say Hober is better incrementally but they are all great. I have yet to try a grenadine from Vanda though, which I suspect is probably excellent.   Quote: @Claghorn convinced me that grossa weave is too similar to actual knits. I use grenadine finas for formal purposes and knits if I want a casual touch. Which brings me to my question: Do you guys ever wear knits with worsted suits, or save them to pair with less formal fabrics?
 Quote:  For me, the Sozzi knits have the perfect heft and weave density, and are worth the premium over The Knottery knits. Though I wouldn't say the Knottery knits are a bad value. Also, Kent Wang knits are very similar if not identical in quality and construction to Sozzi knits, and KW consistently stocks staple colors and configurations (pointed ends) of these.
 This is amazing customer service.
Anyone have experience with Meermin Jodhphurs or their rapello suede? Those MTO Jodphurs right now are looking mighty tempting.   Also, is their MTO the same quality as the Classic line or Linea Maestro?
Anyone have in the wild pics of the bullhide bluchers? I feel like they would look awesome with a pair of dark denim or rugged chinos.
New Posts  All Forums: