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 This is a useful analysis, but I think UC's photography is just excellent, which triggers a reactive thumbs up from me anyway.
How wide are these?
This would probably be the order I'd wear them in:Light blueMedium bluePinkRedGreenBurgundyThe last 3 are all pretty close though.
 I will contact you for advice next time I visit Spain.
 Next door to where I used to get my haircut at David's barbershop (On 84th between 2nd and 3rd I belive). Sean is a great guy and very skilled. Never got a chance to visit Trinity actually.
^I'm assuming he was wearing it with a pair of raw denim.
 These are the exact reasons I got the Moscow. Also, my Calabrese brown neat tie came in. The dry silk is gorgeous and NMWA shipping, packaging, and service is incredible. I've never seen an online retailer make you feel like they care about the customer this much. I fear I have jumped on the bandwagon. 
+1 for Penrose on Friday and Saturday nights. Great crowd and no televisions. Probably one of the only bars I regularly visited. Also, amazing food all around. Never really like Stumble Inn as it is more of a college environment, similar to the dives on the UWS on Amsterdam Ave, which I actually enjoyed more. But you can't beat the drink prices. Bondurants is also very good for cocktails and even cask beers near 82nd and 2nd. Nice little date spot. There is a German...
I have it as well and the cotton blend lends it to wear just as well with chinos or jeans as with wool trousers. I am under 30, and already standing out if I wear a blazer, so I almost never wear it with wool trousers. And if you wear it with the provided trousers it makes for a good casual or day time event suit.
Pockets are fine on OCBDs. Just look at Gitman.
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