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Didn't mean to like that comment.If anything, keep a clean back on the slims and box pleat on the contemporary.Oxfords should have at least side pleats, but I am for keeping the box pleat. Not only is it traditional, it is functional.
I thought this was a family-oriented forum.
Thanks FC. It's the Eidos Gelasio linen shirt jacket.
Gelasio Shirt Jacket
I'm in for keeping the box pleat. It adds an interesting visual element when worn casually, and if worn more formally it shouldn't matter because it's covered with a jacket. Also, if the shirts get any slimmer than the current contemporary fit then I can't buy OTR S&M anymore.
 The materials and construction are completely upgraded. These are literally the 2 most major factors that come into play when assessing the quality of anything.
Nobody in this thread knows how to spoiler photos.        Those snuff suede captoe brogues are the business though.
 FWIW, I'm a 34 in Rivets and 35 in Walts. #fatass
Finally got my hands on a pair of Achilles. After looking for alternatives, it was clear that no other shoes have just the right silhouette that CPs have. Another sizing data point: I am a 12D Brannock, and the 45s fit me perfectly.   
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