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Everybody in this thread needs to watch Frank. Fassbender is incredible in it. One of those movies you think about for a long time after it ends, and warrants multiple watches.  
 I'm an MS4 finishing up rotations and interviews in NYC and waiting for match day. Re: Squats. You guys watch Alan Thrall videos on YouTube? I can't be the only one who enjoys 26 minute videos about proper form. 
 They look like women with penises.
 Studied at NSU medical library my Step 1, but I've heard the gym is nice. If you can get over to the Wellness Center at the Coral Gables campus of Miami, I recommend it. It is amazing.
 I have the walnut Strand, dark brown PA, and bourbon Dalton. The bourbon is a happy medium between the walnut and brown, and is actually the one I think would be the most versatile out of the three. The bourbon Dalton is definitely one of my favorite pairs of shoes.
 Wellness Center at University of Miami? 
 Slow down. Believe me. You will learn a lot and your tastes will evolve exponentially just by being on this website.
 I'm 6'0" and I was thinking 1.75-2" for the cuff as well. We'll see how this tailoring venture goes. Thanks.
I am receiving a couple pairs of unfinished trousers and need to get them hemmed and cuffed. What measurements of cuffs are preferred? Also, is hemming and cuffing a particularly delicate task that I should trust to a specific tailor, or can I just give these to the same guy that hems my denim for me?
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