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Damn it I love those Leeds. Looks like such a versatile casual shoe.
    I think he might be referring to the crotch creases on your pants, which is calling "whiskering" in the raw denim world. 
Beautiful. Always look forward to your images.
I also have fine/straight hair and found most products made my hair look thinner. I used to use American Crew Fiber until I recently discovered Green Gatsby. About 10$ from Amazon and is by far the best hair product I've used. Amazing hold, no shine, and natural feel. Highly recommended.
   Thanks for the responses guys. I'm a 33 in their stonewash (stretch) in New Standard and it fits great, but a 34 in most other "normal" brands (seven, diesel). Any advice on sizing for me?
Thinking about a pair of NS in raw. Does anyone know whether these will go on sale anywhere?
See now this is a valid concern. Also, @Chulillo, where did  you get that camel sweater? Fit is awesome.
LanceM wears navy trousers! And often! And with Walnut! Get him!     (Just kidding Lance. That is a beautiful collection photo and I love navy pants.)
BRB. Buying flat laces for my dark brown PAs. Those look great! It actually takes away a bit from the stubbiness.
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