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 I find all other measurements are in line with many high end brands, but the chest measurements for EP are quite small.
 I will be instakopping the uni stripes in blue and pink, and maybe even the solid gray. Question for you Rick. What is the weight and hand on these upcoming OCBDs like? I have many of your shirts, and I'd have to say my favorite so far is the Navy Birchmount Gingham. I think you could almost call the fabric a brushed twill. I love how soft it is and how it has held up its measurements over multiple washes. It is even less stiff than the brushed OCBDs (which I have a...
 Sometimes I do.  Thanks .  Epaulet snuff suede blouson.
Epaulet Suede Blouson  
  @LA Guy Mind telling me what stands out about these to you, versus Jodhpurs made by other brands like Carmina or SLP? I ask because these look great to me in terms of last, quality, and design (based on these images and what I know about EP), but I would like to hear from an educated source. It's difficult the gap between CM and SWD, and I am trying to picture what types of styles shoes like this can be worn with. The Carmina guys wear Jodphurs with tailored trousers...
With all the Leder and SdC drops, this season is pretty serious. But I don't think I've seen anyone mention the scarves. Between TYT, Schneider, and TS(S), the scarf releases are out of this world.   I had a hard time choosing, but ended up with this one.
Stephan Schneider Pole shirt jacket.
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