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 Do Barena jackets generally fit TTS?
Are these polarized?
This is the exact opposite of my experience 100% of the time I've done business with them. They usually ship same or next business day and the item arrives the following day in Boston. Email replies are often within the hour.Speaking of which, Camoshita burgundy easy pants came in yesterday. Is it possible to fall in love with a pair of trousers?
Are the newer shirts being made in a different factory? I am able to fit comfortably into a 16 contemporary from shirts I bought in 2015 and even 2016, made of various fabrics. The new uni stripe oxfords are snug around my back and chest. Anyone have this experience?
Because there isn't enough NR love here. /s Moscow with the collar up.
^Thats a nice daytime or bar outfit but I wouldn't wear that to a nightclub or lounge.
 The navy Vasari trousers I have are made in a cool weave that has an interesting texture. I sold a pair of the Frame trousers (rib cuff) because they were way too slim in my size (VI); however they were of a flat cotton weave as well.
Acting Canadian    [[SPOILER]]
  When referring to "break-in" for shoes, what aspect specifically are we discussing? I've found that some of my shoes have a stiffer sole that does not become pliable until (as Gus mentioned) it has been put through its paces (haha) in various weather. Other shoes I find the leather of the upper taking time to really reach its potential in terms of suppleness. I wonder what aspects of construction and materials determine the time a shoe requires to "break in," and whether...
 If you do end up trying them on, please comment on the fit. From what it looks like these are a bit slimmer than the U versions. Also, it seems from the closeup that the weave may even be different and they also are pre-washed, which could add to their "rough" character.
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