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Been looking for perfect all white sneakers for a while. I was close to ordering CPs but I just don't like the gold serial number. Needless to say, monochrome tennis trainers are on the way.
Price includes CONUS. Thinning the herd. Will come with box and bags.   Worn under 5 times. Quality sturdy English shoes that you cannot purchase in North America for Under $350 now.   Please PM me with any questions.    
^ That belt makes this awesome.
@epaulet re: Cramerton chinos: any chance you'll get a mid to dark gray fabric in? They're also my favorite casual pants and I also like that they don't have the cream herringbone stripe so I can wear them cuffed without a high contrast component.
 I think trouser fit pics are the most helpful, especially for the streetwear brands that feature cropped styles and looser fits.
Going to be in NYC this weekend. Any recommendations on where to check out some SS in person?
Does the general sizing go something like this:   V=M VI=L VII=XL
 Great simple fit. This is would pretty much be my fall uniform. Jealous that you're in the best season of the year.
 #FOMO I guess us latecomers will just have to wait for Round 3!
Most likely would be in for the sand suede Jodphur, especially with the comparisons of quality and style of Carmina and SLP.
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