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Anyone else think the season 2 finale of Bloodline was a little far out there? The show went in a completely different direction.
  Nice. I think I'd rather do this. Any place to find the specific address and instructions for this?
I'm giving up on the guessing game with measurements.   I think the best thing to do will be to send in pre-existing clothing to be replicated. For those who have done this do you ship to Portland, or to India? I cannot find the pre-populated FedEx label that I once saw on the Luxire page.
 Strong first post.
Bought the gunmetal canvas Rivets because Mike mentioned a few weeks ago that there will be no gray Cramertons. Should've waited. =( For me, one of the best features of the Cramertons is the lack of the superfluous herringbone stripe on the outer seam.
^Those examples are all less than desirable. I am all for gunclub though.   I think you should nail down some staple fabrics that have done well in the field that you can repeat. This goes for shirts and suits. For example, your fabled camel and light gray flannel pants that are very popular around here. I feel like there is too much variety to make an informed decision for online buyers.
Should've picked up the stone Cramertons. Hopefully they will be included in the restock.
Anyone have experience with the Meridian tote? Seems pretty perfect with it's zippered top as a carryall for day to day use.
Wow. Incredible use of Indian cultural influence. Everything looks ridiculously comfortable.   -----------------------   On a side note, anyone have any sizing advice for the Gelasio linen shirt jacket? I'm a 42 OTR in most other brands, but I think the P2P measurement on the size 40 is a hair over 23".
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