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Shout out to @wsupjs, who provided me excellent CS for my first pair of Meermins and my first pair of shells. I believe these are an older model that's made of the Argentenian shell before they switched to Shinki. These are on the Rui last. Any input on how you guys take care of your shells is welcome.     [[SPOILER]]
 #2, 4, 5 (top to bottom) on the right are nice.
 This may be my favorite fit of yours. Great textures and seasonal coherence. The only nitpick I would have (for the sake of input) is that I would wear a more rugged shoe.
 Beautiful staple pair of pants with a texture. Supremely comfortable. I really wish these were not snug on me. Selling for $150 +5$ Shipping. Venmo preferred. Thanks for looking.  
Quick sizing inquiry: I am a 12D Brannock. 11.5E in AE 65 last. 11D in Alden TrueBalance. What would I be in Meermin Rui?
 Doubt it. My Pimlicos that I ordered pre-ban haven't even been shipped yet. I was just charged for them on my Paypal today. 
 I'm more concerned about the stitching showing than the fading, as the trousers are brand new.
 Looks like you owe us some photos then.
 Did you get this MTO? I don't see them on the website...
Can linen fabrics be altered to be let out like wool, or will they show evidence of it like with cotton?    All you need is 2 more for Bingo.
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