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Does AE offer a wingtip in suede that's not a balmoral? If not, can anyone recommend to me any brands that may? For science.   Edit: Also, does anyone know what the specific sale is during Black Friday? I called Port Washington and the SA mentioned something to do with closeouts...
  Just saw him Webster Hall in NYC recently. He has the voice of angels.
 Thank you Wes! I believe you're right. They are identical to the Loake Jack. And though they're from the often-maligned non-1880 range, I think that 120$ they're probably still worth hanging onto for a casual shoe.  I had originally thought that the non-1880 range was not manufactured in England. Any info. on the build or quality of these is welcome.
 I actually edited my post because in my mind I had forgotten 1818 was the BB trademark, not Loake's, so excuse me for that. But I did speak to two different BB representatives and got the same response, that they "were not allowed to disclose who manufactures their shoes." Go figure. Either way it's a win-win. It's not frustrating--more of a topic of interest for those looking at English shoes via a somewhat more accessible avenue.
 Thanks for the comment and the link AJC; I searched the net far and wide before ordering these, and between SF and AAAC (though there is ambiguity) it seemed that Loake may manufacture the sub-500$ Peales. It seemed that the AS P&Co's have more of a block style branding whereas the Loake may have the elongated typeface. Of course, I may still be wrong.
Forgive me if I am posting in the wrong place, but I ordered these Peale & Co. suede wingtips from BB last week and they have just arrived. http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Peal-Co.%C2%AE-Distressed-Suede-Wingtips/MH00138,default,pd.html   After doing a bit of research and asking around, I figured that these particular shoes are Loake 1880s (Made in England). They came in very nice packaging with 2 navy shoebags with branding and packed in tissue paper. I got them for 120$...
I went to the APC store in Manhattan (Mercer Street) and tried on the PNS and the NS for the Stonewashed jeans. I usually am a 34 in "normal" jeans and I found the 33 in NS a suitable fit. They started off snug but loosened up to a nice fit and a not too extreme leg-opening. The stonewashed jeans supposedly fit TTS, unlike their raw denim and I find this to be true after about 20 hours of wear so far. 
  My friend, who is often amused at my interest in men's fashion, showed me this video and I thought of this thread immediately. The whole video is a cringefest but particularly at 3:15, the "headless dress" is what I would definitely consider creepy.
 +1 to this guy. I am 6 feet tall, and 185 lb, with decent sized legs. I tried on the Petit Standard today at Saks in my normal size (34) and it looked and felt like a skinny jean and was very tight in the crotch. The 34 in New Standard looked an felt a lot better, but I'm wondering if I should size down to 33 to account for the stretch. I was looking at the "washed" version btw, which is quite a bit stretchier than the raw. Any advice on which or where to buy would be...
Anyone receive their shipment of True Blue Silks? The denim is amazing to the touch and the color is breathtaking, but on the website, it says that they would be using a low-contrast tan thread, but my pair came with the orange/gold color. I was wondering if I was the only one? I much rather prefer the tan and must say I'm not a huge fan of the bright orange on these already bright-colored jeans.
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