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 Sorry the Calabrese was sold.
 Gerry this is perfect. Are the shoes cordovan? Where are the chinos from?
More ties added.
I just might be able to make this. Would love to see some of the faces behind the brands.
 ^That is the slimmest and shortest I'd go on a jacket. That looks like it fits you perfectly. The styling, however, is something that's up to you (and your missus). I personally like it.
^Yeah sorry I misread.
 9.5UK=10.5 US. I think he might have meant 8.5 UK.
You should buy my AE Carlyles. I used them for interviews and everything turned out well.
I dress casually more often than not so I feel a Camel overcoat may not be the best option if I'm wearing mostly denim/chinos and sweaters/OCBDs underneath. I guess I am walking the fine line between Streetwear and CM here.   I don't think what I am looking for is very unorthodox, however. I want something similar to those ubiquitous Goose Island Parkas....but not from Goose Island.
New Posts  All Forums: