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+1. I appreciate the aesthetics of personalized "sick fades" as much as the next guy but I don't get the obsession of getting them in such a short amount of time. I understand wearing your jeans often to break in the fabric so they fit, but won't the fading just come naturally over the years, as nature intended? How is something supposed to look old without giving it...time? The jeans still look quite nice without the fades in my opinion.This is may just be a product of...
I'd go with Medium. Large fits pretty snug in my 11.5 to 12 size shoes.
I'd take the advice from the guy who is probably someone important at Mayo Clinic.^
I am applying as well in the fall. I own walnut Strands and would never wear them to a residency interview. They're significantly flashy and I wouldn't want PDs to remember me as "the guy with the shoes." I actually just ordered the black Carlyle for this very purpose. I would, however, wear the Strands to the pre-interview dinner if there was one, and I do wear them around the wards pretty often.
  Thank you for the suggestion. Do you think these inserts will suit me better or tongue pads? I just ordered a couple cheap ones on eBay. I wonder if it matters whether my foot is being pushed down from the top or up from the bottom...
Mike, these are just the regular Addisons from the Shoebank. I went to one of the midtown AE stores to try them on and found this to be the best casual loafer for my purposes--they manage to look trendy while still remaining classic. They're a bit darker than the "first" quality tan ones, which is why I believe they ended up being seconds. The sole is red Dainite. After some research, I found this on the Q&A on the AE website: "The Addison is constructed using a lined, wax...
Came home to these bad boys waiting for me from the SB. The only reason I believe they're not firsts is because there is some darkening around the stitching on the toes on both shoes, which I can completely live with. Just a quick question about the fit: When I put them on and stand, they fit perfectly, but as I'm walking and put my heel down in front of me to take a step, they tend to bow out mildly from the sides. Is this in the realm of normality for loafers and will it...
Pics or it didn't happen.  Can't wait for mine to come in. No idea how to maintain them. Will buy suede eraser.
How long after the item has funded does production usually start? The True Blue Silks have been funded for a couple of weeks now with no production update. I can still actually change my size and shipping preference.
 I am an 11.5E in the 5 last and 12D in the 7 and 8 last. I was swimming in 12Ds in the Addison, but 11.5D fit me perfectly. Sizing loafers is no easy task.
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