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FYI gentlemen, I emailed Skoak about the GMTO, and due to high volume of orders, the mid to late November estimated delivery is slightly delayed. This seems to be the theme across the board for Carmina GMTOs and not just specific to this GMTO. Gabriel also mentioned that he will update everyone involved as soon as he receives more information. 
  I don't know how you do it, but you have an uncanny gift in selecting square designs. E-mail incoming regarding those prints....
You should post this in the KW Affiliate Page
I think he meant that they mentor him.
Placed an order for the brushed blue OCBD, navy Gingham shirt, and a semi-spread S100s white FC shirt as the perfect shirt for weddings and formal events. Also got a buddy of mine who doesn't do online shopping to come to the dark side and try shirts in the cutaway, semi-spread, and button down collar. Can't beat that black Friday deal.
Interesting that DMs are such a polarizing topic. I did not like them at all before I joined SF, but then they grew on me and I bought a pair and they became my go-to shoes. Now I'm not quite sure. I will admit that they do garner the most compliments out of all my shoes. That being said, flashy items tend to attract the most attention, and are no longer what I use to gauge what is in good taste.
What do you guys think of double monks? I already have a pair in burgundy calf, but I feel they would be more versatile in suede.
 I was considering those, but the last seems too elongated and toebox too narrow to be worn casually. 
  This is such a great look. If I were to nitpick, it would be to have wider lapels on the overcoat, but honestly it doesn't matter. You could wear some variation of that all winter and be set.
Do the Scott and Charters Shetland sweaters fit TTS?
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