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Do you guys size up on Port Flannel?
   Who the f*ck wears popovers with ties?
Anyone have any experience with the Uniqlo linen shirts? Is it a thin linen or a robust linen that would work for 2-3 seasons?   I'm looking for worn/textured white and off-white button up shirts to wear with Geller fits and as a base layer under outerwear. The beige seems really nice.
Anyone have experience with the scalloped hem shirts? Can they be tucked in or are the side gussets too deep to allow this?
I've lost and rebought SE215s multiple times and will continue to do so. The buds are memory foam but they come with a multitude of options. They are great for the gym because they wrap around your ear and won't come out. Cord is long and robust and does not interact with any of my clothing.
RIP Ron's cell phone plan
 The set is undeniably enjoyable, though the crowd is cringeworthy. The tall girl in the plaid skirt does it for me. The drugged out one looks average. Maybe I lived in Miami too long. Is this what you listen to while contemplating suiting fabrics? I imagine guys on this side of the forum sipping brandy from their snifters in velvet smoking jackets while listening to Andrea Bocelli when they browse Styleforum.
Anyone have experience with these?
 I wear my Conservation closed often, but usually without the liner. I always button the second button only, especially when it gets windy. The gray twill fabric doesn't have enough bulk to not flap about if it's windy.It looks pretty cool with the off-center button design. With the liner in I usually wear it open.
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