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 Sorry should have mentioned that. The 10051 is on the Rain last.
Hey guys I was wondering if someone could give me some advice on sizing. I went to NYC and tried on the Carmina model 10051 and they fit me perfectly in size 10.5 (UK I'm assuming). I also measure at a 12D Brannock. Any idea what size I would be in other lasts? I love the 10051, but I can't seem to find it in dark brown suede anywhere, and that is the color shoe I am interested in buying at the moment. Any help would be great.   Edit: I was a 10.5 in the Rain last.
The women's team is kicking some serious ass lately. Also, why is Copa America not available to view in the U.S.
I visited the Armoury last week in NYC. They had a double breasted navy jacket made of mohair/wool. That might be up your alley since you know your size in that brand pretty well.
 I started watching The Strain because I enjoy a lot of Guillermo del Toro's other work and also the zombie genre, but this show just sucked. The effects were good (del Toro's specialty), but the plot, writing, and characters were undeveloped at best.
 Keep in mind, I am someone who basically got rid of his entire AE lineup on eBay, and now I have many holes to fill in my shoe wardrobe. I would personally much rather own that austerity brogue from Carmina over pretty much any balmoral from AE. My issue with Carmina is that with shipping being about $35 each way, the risk of ordering the wrong size for me is almost not worth the hassle. If Carmina offered seconds, I would compare both brands' seconds, but they don't....
 Why double up on point guards when you can still use a power forward and center?
 I think the operative term here is "to you." To many people, especially those outside of SF, a $400 shoe is at a very different pricepoint than a $200 one. When you look at it from a mathematical perspective, it seems even more blatant.
There is a lot of (perhaps warranted) hate for AE, but to be honest, those who hate them also have trouble naming other brands that are as accessible for people in the US in the same price range.    When you can get a very serviceable pair of AE seconds for ~$200 range and try them on in the store to nail down your size, I find it befuddling when members here suggest looking at Carmina or C&J in the $350-500 range as alternatives.
New Posts  All Forums: