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Uniqlo U crewneck tees just came in. These are an amazing buy for $15. Nice, thick fabric and loose comfortable fit. Could be a cm or two longer, but the medium length lends to more versatile usage for me. I got the black, white, and the red. The red might be my favorite, as it's just a shade or two off from burgundy. I might stock up on these.
Suede blouson and gray moleskin field jacket on a Boston rooftop.       -------------------------------------------------------------   @Epaulet Any chance of the cotton corduroys being offered in the Rivet fit?
 I like the Epaulet Rivets. Not the highest rise, but the adequate back rise lets you wear a shirt tucked in as well.
@metranger8694   The bomber is TTS. It's the SS version so probably has less padding. I am from South Florida as well, and I can see myself wearing this from Ts of 70s and below.   Also, that Camoshita fit is easily my favorite of yours that you have posted.
All my Sozzis are silk.
 I have HY, Knottery, KW, and Sozzi knits. Sozzi and KW tie the best knots. They seem to be made in the same factory.
This SS Geller bomber made it through two other SFers before it reached me with the NMWA tags still attached. It will stay with me.   
  Geller JE Simon Miller CP
  Link for those as lazy as me.
 That jacket is unbelievably awesome.
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