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 Can you say why, specifically? And perhaps why the Epaulet thread is on the SWD side of the forum?
 When speaking of "weirdness" I assume you're referring to the perception of the non-#menswear innocent bystanders around you? I like pointed end knits because from a distance they don't offend anyone. I also just don't like straight ends as a personal preference; they make me feel as someone was weaving my tie and decided to stop before they finished.
Anyone have any luck getting fades from the Ring Ring denim? I just did cool machine wash, hang dry, and they look almost exactly the same, save for a trace amount of increase in texture.
 For casual shirts, I think an alternative to the button down collar would be a semi-spread with shorter collar points instead of the large semi-spread dress shirt collar, as these shirts are not meant to be worn with a jacket.   [[SPOILER]]
 Marry her.
 In my opinion, S&M is priced under market value for quality. I have no experience with their suiting or jackets, but I have many of their shirts. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems that you are under the impression that SS has high quality fabrics and construction. I would say they are mid range, and probably the best you can do at that pricepoint in the US with minimal risk. @Claghorn has multiple jackets from SS, as well as bespoke. I am certain he is well-qualified...
The elegance of Rain lasted captoes cannot be overstated. As always, Steve is the man.  
Thank you all for the input. I let the black shoes drive my decision and went with this. This is a 7cm pointed end from Kent Wang.  I find the weave to be denser and the texture crunchier than the Knottery ties. I normally don't like going under 8cm, but it doesn't bother me for knits.   So many people were amazed at the concept of a knit tie and even a white linen square.      First wear for these. Carmina from GF.
On a quest to find the perfect white sneaker.    I have read all of the online reviews and searched the board, but anyone have any aged pictures or thoughts on the durability of the all white handgrade sneakers?     Also, my View of Edo print just came in, and it is glorious. Pics once I get a chance to frame it.
I finally have an occasion to wear a suit tonight. Haven't really decided what I'm going with yet, and I'd like some thoughts. For some context, the event is at an upscale hotel in downtown Boston. The occasion is a graduation banquet from my professional academic program (I am not the one graduating). All of my colleagues will be there (ages 25-35), as well as our senior constituents (ages 40+). A 2-3 drink cap would probably be a good idea.   Options are: dark blue or...
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