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 I'm not sure, but I think those masks are designed to simulate high altitude training by limiting the amount of oxygen the wearer receives.
 Look at Stuytown. I'd say that's where many of NYU students live. I know someone who lives in a very nice 3 BR and pays <1400$ for the master bedroom. Sure he lives on the far end (by the East River), but it's still better than commuting from Park Slope, etc. Don't listen to the prices they have on their website; find people that are moving out on Craigslist and try to take over their place. I live in UES, and a good 10 minute walk from the 6 line, and it does get to be a...
 This looks like the 8 last to me. I have the Carlyle in black and the front half of the shoe looks identical to that. If so, these will probably look even better on the foot than the shelf. Maybe AE is trying to trend away from the blobbiness. Exciting stuff. 
The stamp is meant more to be sort of a watermark of authenticity I believe. Over time it rubs off anyway. Don't worry about it and enjoy.
 If you go at the end of a wrong weekend, that Target looks like it's been ransacked by looters and it's near impossible to find anything. Even the employees seem visibly distraught. For that reason my roommate treks up there from the UES only before 8AM on weekends.
[[SPOILER]]  Everyone says APC stretches out drastically in the waist over time, but it may be somewhat prevented by wearing a belt. Get the size that you are able to move your legs in when you first buy the jeans. In my experience, the truth is that everybody's bodies are different and trying on these other sizes and seeing how you move in them is your best bet. The waist may stretch out but the thighs and calves not as much. The main reason I am commenting is to tell you...
Everybody in this thread needs to watch Frank. Fassbender is incredible in it. One of those movies you think about for a long time after it ends, and warrants multiple watches.  
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