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Hey Leaves I PMed you.
=(   Edit: Those are beauties.
What is zug? Someone aware me.
 Don't do it. You'll slowly start hating everyone around you and wake up one day to realize you actually hate yourself.
 Sad to see you go! For everyone else, we have more than enough to keep the GMTO going. They should post it on their website any time now. I will keep you updated via this thread. Thanks everyone again for participating.
Also, from my understanding, the purpose of having affiliate threads isn't just to praise them for when we're all happy. It is also an opportunity for constructive criticism and consumer feedback.   Otherwise the company would not have a realistic pulse on their customers from which they are to draw conclusions upon in case they are interested in improving, which I think a transparent and CS-oriented company like Skoak is. I don't think anybody is indicting Skoak here...
I think we're going with neutral liner as that's what the representative from Skoak recommended.
Try using Waze. It's the app all the uber drivers use.
What's the pricing on the gmto chukkas? And what last? Helden, once you experience Carmina, you will start resenting your AEs.
I'm not buying AE anymore until they start making more attractive lasts. I sold off 3 pairs because of that. Not to mention they keep increasing prices. I don't mind my bourbon Daltons though. Boots don't have to be sleek.
New Posts  All Forums: