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This is now $75 shipped.
And $90 shipped! We're approaching rental rates now.
Someone buy this @ $100 shipped conus.
Quote: Originally Posted by agavilanes Contact fellow member HomerJ. Maybe He could help. He has helped me with proxies before for a small fee. As long as you paypal the money in advance, I dont think there is any risk involved. The risk is with Paypal's Buyer Protection. This guy can easily have the transaction reversed after HomerJ (or whoever else) has purchased the item for him. Paypal almost always sides with the buyer, and they're a...
I don't think so...I paid about $140 on eBay forever ago, IIRC.
65% Polyester, 35% Rayon, Lightweight.
Bump - $70 shipped.
That's what I assumed, yes. I wasn't actually going to pursue any legal action; I seldom use the account. But within a minute of my saying that, I had accomplished what an hour of previous phone conversations hadn't.
I've had a few problems with them and they were impossible to deal with until I asked to speak to a supervisor and took on a somewhat threatening tone. After I told them that I was recording the call, they unfroze my account.
This is a really terrible idea, no matter how much of a vigorish he offers to pay you.
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