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Bump, $115 shipped for both.
Bump for added photos. More available upon request.
Price is SOLD! 1.) Land's End 43R Gray/White 2B Seersucker single vent. Pants are pleated with 1" cuff. Shoulders - 20 Chest - 23 Length - 33 Sleeves - 24.75 Waist - 18.25 Inseam - 32 Hem - 9.25 2.) Huntington Blue/White DB Seersucker ventless. Pants are double-pleated, no cuff. Shoulders - 20.25 Chest - 22.75 Length - 34 Sleeves - 26 Waist - 18 Inseam - 32.75 Hem - 9.75 Photos coming soon. Thanks for looking!
Have you ever heard of anyone keeping a bag of their child's hair? One of my friends did this, and they acted like it was totally normal. In fact, his mom showed me a huge bag of his hair. Is that weird?
Someone buy this for $60 shipped before I put it on eBay. This is less than you'll pay to rent one!
$60 shipped?
... Best fuckin' friends forever.
Bump for added photo, can take more if interested.
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