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What's the likelihood of these fitting a narrow 9.5?
Quote: Originally Posted by Ataturk Do you suppose that you're not going to inherit anything because you're just a second cousin? Admittedly this isn't my speciality, but under the laws of my state without a will it's very, very unlikely that you'd inherit anything. I know it's rare. But I'm quite knowledgeable of the family's history and cannot see any other heirs. Whether or not the heir search yielded any other heirs, there should be more...
They claim that they will mail all heirs a list of the "final accounting." Not holding my breath.
I'm listed as an heir to a 2nd cousin's estate. The total estate was $190k. The law firm claims that there is now $0 to distribute given that they spent $25k on the heir search and the rest on legal and bank fees. Is this pretty standard or should I consult an attorney IRL? Thanks!
Looking for a reasonably-priced (< $200) leather day planner. I found a similar thread, but didn't like any of the suggestions. Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by oneeightyseven tell them that you're a member of styleforum. Senior Member, you mean.
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson Why do you think your resume for an internship should be any different than your resume for a job? I don't know. I just assumed they'd be more interested in extra bullshit that I've done on campus than a job would. And I have extra space to fill since I have no "Work Experience" to speak of.
It's for an internship, not a job. I'm a member of the Young Democrats at my school. I would be adding it alongside a couple of other random clubs that I'm in. Also feel free to list anything else that I could put in an internship resume, but not a job resume.
Bump. $50 shipped.
Suspenders and cummerbund sold. $20 shipped for bow tie anyone? JD
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