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Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson Why do you think your resume for an internship should be any different than your resume for a job? I don't know. I just assumed they'd be more interested in extra bullshit that I've done on campus than a job would. And I have extra space to fill since I have no "Work Experience" to speak of.
It's for an internship, not a job. I'm a member of the Young Democrats at my school. I would be adding it alongside a couple of other random clubs that I'm in. Also feel free to list anything else that I could put in an internship resume, but not a job resume.
Bump. $50 shipped.
Suspenders and cummerbund sold. $20 shipped for bow tie anyone? JD
Willing to sell these separately. Bowtie - $25 Suspenders - $20 Cummerbund - $40 All prices include shipping. Thanks! JD
Are they still roughly $45 USD for a basic shirt?
Several years old but appear to be unworn. Bowtie - $25 Suspenders - $20 Cummerbund - $40 Includes shipping. Thanks!
Loretta Lynn +1
These are now sold, thanks!
Somewhat related: Can you bail yourself out of jail, provided you have the funds?
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