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Bump for price drop to $110 shipped.
Fixed thanks!
Bought these from another SFer about a month ago. I love them, but a bit too narrow for me. I'm between a 9.5D and 10D. Grenson Kirk Black. Tagged 8.5F UK which equates to 9.5D US (or maybe even a 10C US). Worn once by the previous owner. Worn once by previous seller, and once by me. Retails for...
Relieved to have finally gotten my LSAT score. About what I expected.
Hey All, They stopped making these in 2005, but Mosquito Creek Outdoors had two left in stock. I just purchased one, and they discounted it to $75. Still one left, and I'm assuming they'd make anyone the same deal. You'll have to order a new calendar for it. Call them and ask for Lee. JD
Does the Pullman, when filled, fit in airline stowaways?
What's the likelihood of these fitting a narrow 9.5?
Looking for a reasonably-priced (< $200) leather day planner. I found a similar thread, but didn't like any of the suggestions. Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by oneeightyseven tell them that you're a member of styleforum. Senior Member, you mean.
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