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Hey All, Anyone know of where I can get a reasonably priced 36R seersucker suit? Most that I've found only go down to 38R, and Haspel is sold out of 36. Any suggestions? Not sure if this belongs in B/S or here.
Hey All, I was at Dillard's (I'm poor...) and an employee mentioned that they'd soon be getting some slim-fitting Calvin Klein european cut suits for summer. Anyone heard anything about that? If so, can you comment on quality and price?
Hey All, I have a suit jacket and the shoulders are a bit too broad, about 1/2 inch on each side. How difficult is this to fix? I've had two tailors say "no," even when I agreed to pay whatever it took.
Hey All, I realize that this J. Crew seersucker suit is a steal at $300, but if anyone has seen any better deals, please let me know. Blue or Green seersucker is preferred. http://www.jcrew.com/catalog/multiPr...,prod91002201#
Hey All, I'm still a bit uncertain of what level of coordinating ties/pocket squares is considered tacky. I need a square to match this tie: http://polo.imageg.net/graphics/prod...ndard_v330.jpg I'll be wearing it with my new brown BB cord suit (as seen on the B&S forum), a white or pale blue shirt, and probably a navy sweater. Matching it this much = tacky, right? http://polo.imageg.net/graphics/prod...ndard_v330.jpg All suggestions appreciated. J
Hey All, I called the store a few hours ago and ordered a 38R. They shipped it to me and I believe the total was around $93. Should be here by the end of the week. Call Annie at 703-491-2950.
Sorry for hijacking, but... I'm going to go to a tailor tomorrow and have a few pair of dress pants slimmed down. Can anyone help me with estimated cost? Don't want to have a big surprise when I go to pick them up. Thanks!
Sadly no, just a huge fan.
Hey All, Looking for a reasonably priced fitted brown (or tweed) wool/cashmere top coat, suggestions? Something that can be purchased online, preferably. Thanks!
Hey All, I've just purchased an H&M skinny suit, and intend to purchase another suit in the next few weeks (probably RLBL, but not set on that). I live in the middle of the Bible belt, and know that most tailors here will have a fairly conservative approach when it comes to wearing skinny/fitted suits. Honestly, I'm not sure if they're even able or willing to do anything other than hemming pants. Nonetheless, I was wondering if there's an essential post/reading that...
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