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I'm a 36R with 32-33" waist.
Bump for $75 shipped!
Hey All, I have this vintage (1970s, probably) Leica Camera bag. It could also be used as a messenger bag. Measures 16" X 11.5". Has 3 exterior pockets and 2 interior, along with a slim zippered pocket on the inside flap. It has a lot of character (read: distressed), but is usable and would look pretentious enough for a college campus. $85 shipped. Thanks! JD
Brown pair sold. Black still available.
Grey. Or white if you're a bit more adventurous.
Quote: Originally Posted by stormin10 How do Tod's fit? are they tru to size or a little bigger/smaller? The Tod's that I've seen run a bit larger. I'm a 9.75, and a 10 in Tod's is quite large on me.
Hey all, I have 2 pair of Tod's Loafers/Driving Shoes. Brown pair, size 10.5, in new condition. You can see that there is some sort of water stain on the bottom which will obviously never be seen by anyone else. Black pair, size 10, in very good condition. Been worn 2-3 times and is in perfect shape aside from a scuff on one heel. Each pair includes bag, no boxes. $100 shipped each. Buy them both for $175...
What kind of national reputation does Vanderbilt have? The law school specifically?
Quote: Originally Posted by upnorth Better than billing you for 5 shirts when you've only ordered 3. You are already on the fortunate side so count your blessings. Many others have not even had theirs confirmed. Someone seems bitter.
Ordered: 6/15 Confirmed: 7/22 Billed: 7/22 Received: ??? Unfortunately, they billed me $138 and change which sounds like 3 shirts. I ordered 5.
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