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Nevermind, got it!
Sample problem. A similar one will be on tomorrow's test. Baylor Bank believes the New Zealand dollar will appreciate over the next five days from $.48 to $.50. The following annual interest rates apply: Currency\t\tLending Rate\t\t Borrowing Rate Dollars\t 7.10%\t 7.50% New Zealand dollar (NZ$)\t6.80%\t7.25% \tBaylor Bank has the capacity to borrow either NZ$10 million or $5 million. If Baylor Bank's forecast if correct,...
Bvlgari Aqva
Quote: Originally Posted by Mal 95th percentile with a shitty gpa is way worse than you think. There is NO WAY you are going to Northwestern with a 167/low gpa. Let alone a "certainty" with work experience. Check out Law school numbers. No one between 166-168 was admitted below a 3.7 gpa. Bottom line is you are seriously overestimating your chances of admission and scholarships. Scholarships are hard to get as someone with a low gpa. I...
Isn't their some Paypal checkout option that offers a cashback bonus? I don't know, I just vaguely remember hearing that.
I'm 22 and will graduate in May with a BS in Finance. I have a shit GPA, but can probably still get a job paying 35-45k out of school. I took the LSAT and scored in the 95th percentile, so I can go to a state school for free or cheap, and maybe even a t10 with tons of debt. Is going for a JD, or JD/MBA a wise choice right now? Another option would be working for 2-4 years, paying off my undergrad debt, and getting my CFA certification during that time. Work...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jodum5 OP, DO NOT listen to anyone except Matt (he's in a different timezone) that responded to your questions so early in the morning. Simple play is, make out, let her pass out. In the morning make plans to hang out again. This is what I did. Quote: Move her to the bed. Sleep beside her, but basically fully clothed, hands to yourself...move over and kiss her in the morning and make your move...
Quote: Originally Posted by Alter Yep. Put her in your bed and sleep on the couch. This is a legit play and I think it's most likely to help me get laid in the future. Thanks SF.
Fuck. This girl is too wasted for me to fuck... These morals suck.
FYI It's not like she went to sleep while making out. We were making out, I went to get her a water bc I'm a nice guy, then she passed out. She's on couch. Bedroom is 10 feet away. FUCK SF, am I a creeper if I wake her up?
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