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Bump for $500 shipped! This is silly guys, you could probably flip this on eBay for a $50 profit.
Can you suggest a good place to start for an absolute beginner?
Hey all, Seeing if anyone's interested in this, will probably put on eBay if not. I'm selling because my mother has an unused 40D that she's giving me. Includes camera, lens, charger, original box (minus the styrofoam, so I will pack very carefully). No SD card. I've had it for about 6 months and it's been used sparingly. Only defect is that I lost the lens cap and replaced with a Canon lens cap from one of my dad's old cameras. $425 shipped in the U.S. I believe I...
Well worn uppers, soles still have some life in them. Spot of paint on toe, did not attempt to clean it off. Listing them here for a day or 2 before eBay. Size long worn off, but I'd estimate 10.5-11. Outer sole measures 12.25", widest part of sole is 4". $225 shipped CONUS. Thanks for looking! JD
Most of the top law schools boast average first-year salaries (according to http://www.top-law-schools.com/rankings.html) around $150k. Is this realistic in the private sector or are these numbers skewed somehow? Thanks! JD
The other night I placed a take-out order from a local Thai place. I am a creature of habit and my bill always comes to $13.81. I looked at my bank statement today, and the restaurant added a $4 tip to my debit card, which I didn't authorize. Is this standard practice? I'm a generous tipper, but I would never tip someone for handing me my order.
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