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Almost finished with Finance UG, considering taking the 1st actuarial exam. How much of an asset is having the first 1-2 on my resume when applying at insurance firms? Thanks! JD
What kind of product will help me accomplish this look? I can make my hair do this with a variety of gels, but they always leave it looking terrible greasy and a bit too rigid. It's possible that my hair is simply too thick to do this. Thanks!
$425 shipped. TTT.
What is this from?:
And have him attempt to match the hairstyle... Also, let's sell this at $475 shipped conus...
There have been ~9,400 shutter actuations.
Quote: Originally Posted by Al_Merick Long time lurker. Don't think I have ever posted a fit. Will only be wearing a suit a few time between now and October, hence the casual fit today. Critique/comments are always welcome. Have a great afternoon! Looks good. Details on everything?
Go out both nights. Small town bars.
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