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Bought this at an estate thinking it was a Shriner's hat. It is not. Thanks!
A friend visited New Orleans, purchased an item at a gift shop, and somehow it didn't make its way home. Let me know if interested in purchasing an item there, shipping it to me, and making $25 + cost! Thanks! JD
I'm writing an article, and don't know whether to say "former Sergeant," "discharged Sergeant," etc. I realize this is completely off topic, but Google yielded no results.
^ Thank you! ^
My watch (1970s Omega Chronometer) has date and day of week functions. After the leap year, they got out of sync. They now read Friday the 7th. Do I have to take this to a jeweler to reset? Thanks!
Received as a gift and can't return. It is NEW WITH TAGS. $175 shipped CONUS. Thanks!
The size is unmarked on these, but I wear a 10D and they fit me well. As you can see, lots of wear on them. I stuffed them for the photos because they are losing their shape. Significant wear on right sole, and could stand to be polished. No boxes of bags. Can't beat the price though! $40 shipped CONUS.
Top Row: 1. Red APC Pants, Tagged 38, Worn 5 or so times. Actual Measurements - Waist: 15.25, Inseam: 31, Hem: 7 $50 shipped 2. Levi's Capital E Matchstick, Tagged 31, Worn numerous times. I had these hemmed and the yellow thread around the cuff is a slightly different color than the rest of the thread. Not really noticeable. 16, 31, 7.5 $30 shipped 3. White Bogliogi Pants, Tagged 48, Unworn. These have a stain on them that was present when I bought them from a fellow...
BUMP for $120 shipped.
Hey All, I just bought these and wore them 3 times. Bags and box included. You can see that there is one spot, looked like a drop of a drink or something. I haven't attempted to remove it. $110 shipped U.S. OBO. Happy to ship internationally at actual cost.
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