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Just picked these up!
Just picked these up this weekend from the tailors.
All that you have mentioned at all MTM. 143 is no different. Savile Row and Hahn's are one of few that have their own in-house cutters.
The Flyers finally got over .500 and Giroux is on a tear. His backhand shot was sick.
Thank god I didn't wake up at 4am for that Flyers game. They really need to start trading for faster players. It always looks like they are in slow motion. And don't get me started on 'Fraud' Giroux, the most overrated player in the league. I will lose my shit if he makes it on the Canadian Olympic team, he doesn't even backcheck anymore. I hate the Pens more than the B's and I hope Neal gets at least 5 games. He is a sneaky dirty piece-of-shit player.
That's crazy. What the hell are the chances?!
I stopped by Co-Ex Mall yesterday and had a chance to visit the Unipair shop in the Hyundai Dept. Store. The place has a great selection and TJ was really friendly and helpful. Hope to get a pair of Carminas there soon.
Flyers with 3 straight wins!
Sucks, out of all the players Stamkos gets hurt. Dude trains like a beast in the off-season and had not missed many games in his career. Just, WOW.
OMG, that was fucking gruesome.
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