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Does rancourt ranger moc come with nice and durable leather? I totally ruined my sebago blucher in driving
Not really a Barbour jacket for the some purist, but just want to share Jacket: Barbour International Nylon Background: Kaiping Watchtower Houses
Barbour bedale "pinstripe" model Yay or nay?
How to clean up stains/dirt on those shoes with color rubber soles(red brick etc)? or are they like gum soles, can't be cleaned at all?
Anyone heard of tweed fabric from the Abraham Moon mill(england)? How's the quality like? A Jcrew jacket uses this fabric and then there is a cheaper H&M "premium quality" jacket that uses the same fabric........Looking to pick up the latter one myself
For messenger bag, which one is better in your view? Billykirk or Ernest Alexander
Denim & Supply should have physical store..........I see one under renovation in HK replacing the old Polo Jeans shop at the same spot.
Buy this one instead, dunno if they ship to North America though, about 25 USD. My experience is that this type of fan is slightly more powerful than a conventional fan and it saves you a tad of space. [
Muji one ain't bad, but its slim and even regular(though still quite slim) fit usually got some stretch material in it
American Eagle slim rigid selvage ain't bad if you got them at discount, should be around 40 USD.
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