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 Laughs in that silly laughter ahahahahahhahaha
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. They are having up to 60% discount but I figured the retail price here is higher than the west. still a steal at abt 300-350usd depending on models. I saw 2 models which is really close to the santoni!! But santoni sizing seems a little bigger and canali seems true to size. the whole cut is going for 350 iirc.
They seem to be having a big massive sale in KL at the moment, and I saw a shoe that looks identical to a Santoni which I'm eyeing!   Very tempting.
Hey Guys,   any one have anything to say about them? Some designs are a little too excessive, but the quality and workmanship looks not too shabby.
Is the wine also vintage? haha, let me guess if it's a Brunello?
Svenn, gf? what gf? Almost got me in trouble there, hush hush haha.   Nah it wasn't me.   Heard many things about ww chan, but I do not frequent HK at all. Are the shirts still made in HK, or in a factory in mainland china somewhere?
btw Svenn, which shirt maker do you rate in BKK?
 Svenn, I guess you are right in all points! I'm not fussy with shirts or casual pants because I go through them pretty fast, and don't see the point in spending too much on them. For that reason, 3000thb is actually kinda stretching it for me especially when you consider people come to BKK for economical prices, but I was curios anyhow. However, I will never consider making a jacket or suit there because I don't believe in fused jackets. I'm pretty much settle on Tanika...
HI Svenn, when was your last experience with ToT?   I was there last week thinking of making just 1 or 2 shirts but left with 5 shirts and 1 cotton pants. The range and quality of fabrics were pretty extensive and good!   I was fortunate to have meet Alex who was very helpful and informative, and probably shared more than he should about ToT's vision and practices. He brought me back to see their working spaces and the cutter..etc, which was really cool. He said more...
H&S like VBC has a big range of fabrics, with high quality and entry level.   I personally don't like H&S compared to Dormieul, Charles Clayton..etc.   VBC has bad reputation around here as being budget and low quality, but the revenge series is nice. The cheaper ones are a miss, but the better ones are pretty good for the price. Beside, Zegna buys lots from VBC!
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