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Agreed, looks sloppy. Seems out of character for them..
Thought I'd share some 2045 brown wax flesh evo pics.. (Not the styleforum MTO build).
Indeed it is!
Yes, I saw that post when it was done. Thank you for again pointing that out. It was further correspondence from that comment that led to blocking trying to find out about the full Dainite and what went wrong. I was later (still before the release of the leather sole version) then told there was toe issues with the full Dainite and they were not being made (I wish I still had the email to cut paste) Hence the reason I gave in and purchased the leather sole and the wish to...
I guess if the full Dainite was for a different stockist and still being made that could have been made clear in correspondence either via emails to Viberg or via Instagram and someone wanting that configuration could have waited. As I would have.Topy = yes they do. (If they say they can do it then I guess they can)Address from sender correct as it worked 6 other times from Viberg, and also with countless other items over the years paid via PayPal. It seems a post office...
Totally agree, the tan horsehide would awesome on the 2045 or 2040. Try and ask the question to Viberg or Even Brett Viberg on Instagram. Sometimes you get an answer. I unfortunately was blocked from Brett Viberg's Instagram, and just from purely asking sole configuration questions about the French calf boots. Little story to explain.. Before the brown French calf were released there were 2 different photos circulating(photos can be shown f required) One was with a full...
Those are fucking gorgeous!! (Excuse my French!) want!! On the new 1035 or 2040!!!
Guy, will these new 2045 Boondockers have a Dainite sole by any chance?
No worries mate. All good. Look forward to some insta tease pics. Enjoy my friend
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