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Those are fucking gorgeous!! (Excuse my French!) want!! On the new 1035 or 2040!!!
Guy, will these new 2045 Boondockers have a Dainite sole by any chance?
No worries mate. All good. Look forward to some insta tease pics. Enjoy my friend
Be patient mate. Morgan gets busy. They do it .
Hahaa! Noooo! I was keen! Oh well.
Hahaa! My eyes are painted on!! Indeed. I retract my thanks.. Hahaa! But thanks for sharing the link my friend.
Yes mate, that one. Thanks. I guess I should have put that link there. But I'm on an iPad and the IH forum is on tapatalk .
Sorry MR J man, just thanking you for starting the thread on IH forum. The pics and 10 hole service boot talk is for Docalden2013.
Also check these out mate. @superdenim they still have some sizes left in stock. But not #8 These in #8 I'd snap up!! PS, thanks for your work on the IH forum MisterJuiceman
Jon, there is also the Iron Heart Forum for folks wanting numbers for MTO. You should join that one to try for numbers as well. Mr Juiceman started it I think?? Worth a look anyway.
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