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My Black Neumora's arrived this morning. I probably could have gone with a half size smaller but for the price I got on the sale I'm not going to complain. They are beautiful shoes!
 Rather new here myself, are they regularly $8 from JAB? I have the AE trees with my pair of park aves. Thanks
Okay, lets dismiss this claim: Is the number of seconds indicative of keen eyed quality control personnel or of sloppy workmanship?   And again lets think about numbers: 218 Models 90+ Size options Multiple Colors per Model   Consider the numbers, seriously, there are tons of variations in a particular shoe, is it really that unconscionable that there are what seems to be a decent number of readily available seconds?
I actually requested my first stock list on seconds last week, there were one pair available for most of the models in my size. But very few models had more than one pair available in the color I asked for in seconds. So lets consider that there are 90+ size variations considering lengths and widths. Then consider colors too and all the models. This certainly explains your perception of their being tons of seconds. And to this should be demonstrative of how high AE's...
Can I get a quote for Mora 2.0's 11.5 B in Black Calf, thanks.
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