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Yes, the button holes are non-functional. There's about 1.5 inches of material folded over on the cuff (not sure how much this translates to when let out). In the spirit of full disclosure, the sleeves were too short for me; however, I have long monkey arms, so YMMV.
I bought this jacket from bmulford last week—it didn't quite fit, so I'm just looking to recoup what I paid. Original posting follows: 3 Season unworn Isaia Grey flannel 44R jacket. Never worn - perfect condition Was $225 Now SOLD Mid Grey flannel (wool / Cashmere) with rust windowpane over pattern. base S 22.5 Chest 19.25 Shoulder 25.5 sleeve 31 length standard sleeve buttons double vented Shipping included anywhere in the US. International will incur any extra fees.
Quote: Originally Posted by dah328 I had some ER4-Ss that after about the same time had the wiring unravel near the transducers. They admitted it was due to inferior materials, but they still charged me $50 to repair them. Sorry to hear it. I sent mine in fully expecting to pay, but was pleasantly surprised to receive an invoice for $0. Felt a bit guilty about it ... and now even more so!
Etymotic just replaced both transducers on my ER4-S's, which I told them were 6 years old and well off warranty, for free. Unbelievable customer service on a great product -- can't recommend them highly enough.
Quote: Originally Posted by pscolari I am thinking of reading Confessions of Felix Krull by Mann next. Anyone read this? I'm about halfway through it. It's a much lighter read than The Magic Mountain, and although there have been some amusing episodes in it, it hasn't really grabbed me in the way MM did.
Knopfler. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4j34gG2xR3I
Quote: Originally Posted by AlanC Red Oxx +1 based on reviews and initial impressions. Just got my Air Boss in the mail today
I picked up a scaramanga messenger bag last year and I've been very happy with it so far (sorry I missed your post asking for reviews, chowchow). It did have a bit of a strange smell at first, but that completely vanished within a week or so. The construction seems good to me, and it has held up pretty well so far. My only real complaint is that the strap is a bit flimsy (it's different than the one in chowchow's pictures, with a sliding metal adjuster rather than a...
I'll take #s 13 and 18.
PM sent on lot #2.
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