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Agreed, Juvia is great. Great Peruvian French fusion they have going on. That being said I have always thought that parking there is fucking stupid. 30 dollars for 2 hours. Fuck no. If you like a great view Area 31, the food is not the best though. Bal Harbor has a great place to eat, Makoto. The truffle noodles are awesome.
You're welcome. Also, if you can and you want to get diabetes, I'm not kidding, go to Serendipity on Lincoln Road. Let me know when you are going so I can give you an up to date list. So far this month I have been going to Miami every weekend.
 There are several and I have been to all of them. There is one in Brickel, one in Kendall, and there used to be one in Sunset IIRC If you go to Ft Lauderdale please go to las Olas blvd on friday or Saturday, fun days. Americas Backyard is usually fun and very different. If you go to Miami go to Baru, I like that place a lottt. There are several others though. Just hit me up. I'm in Orlando and I also know a couple of good places here.
A 2007 Acura TSX. Thinking in getting an 83 Silverado just for fun.
I honestly only go to miami for two things, Them hoes and food. If you need to get good hoes go to Live at Fountainblue, The Meat Market (weird place to pick up, but usually works) Zegafredo and any of those weird hipster places in Wynwood. Food there is a lot. Joes crab is alright   Restaurants that I enjoy MC Kitchen Nobu Sushi Couture Il Gabbiano Abracci (Mostly old people, but food is good) Prime 112 Toscana Divino Michael Mina (I have been there around 6 times in...
I checked them out, thats exactly what I'm looking for, hows their quality compared to Ettinger? I see the prices are the same pretty much.
 I truly hate not knowing my size on Carmina.
Excellent! I guess I'm gonna have to order it online. Any place? It fucking sucks to live in freaking Florida. Or should I wait for when I go to Spain?
I don't necessarily like bright colors. I mean the inside is fine with me, I think it looks good. The outside I like it very conservative. The one I currently own is dark brown on the outside and military green in the inside. The problem though is that the money clip wasn't well thought and it ruined already a pair of jeans and pants that I have.
I'm in the hunt for a new wallet, I recently saw an Ettinger wallet in the hanger project the one that is green/yellow and fell in love with it. Anything else that is worth looking at?  Best Regards from Communist Venezuela.
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