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Hi guys, I barely post here, but I just got a watch as a birthday present and I want to know a bit more about it. My uncle whom gave it to me, got it 25 years ago or so in Europe. The watch has had a rough life, here is a photo.
Just the regular ones, these are my very first "high end, but not so high end" shoes that I get. I don't think it would be wise to get MTO when I'm not completely sure of their sizing. The only reason why I haven't ordered them its because of all the brokerage fees and whatnot, I'm in the US for a couple of weeks, just not in Miami, I guess tomorrow I will be calling the family and see if they can work on that.   I could also do that, got family over there. Funny thing is...
The more I read into this thread, the more I like it and thinking about something. My family has been in the importing/exporting goods business for over 30 years, we have an office in Miami, FL. I was thinking perhaps they could handle the shipment so we dont get kicked in the ass by fedex and so on.If anyone is interested let me know. I'm ordering the Balmoral boots and another pair.
I was thinking in perhaps getting a LM one and a cheap one and use the LM one when I have to do serious business, I will have it ship to the US though so the Customs taxes doesn't kill me, the problems of living in a communist country. My Allen Edmonds I love them, I have gone out on them when its pouring, I put shoe trees once I get back home, and bastards dont even have crease yet, they are very uncomfortable though. I have the Neumoks on brown.
So 6.5 (UK). Thanks for that, how has it been the shoe for you both in terms of quality and comfort?
Perhaps someone can help me here. I want to get these bad boys, http://meermin.es/ficha_articulo.php?id=2712 but I have a problem with the size. I'm a 7.5 in Allen Edmonds, but sometimes I feel the shoe slips a bit, heel area. And On Ferragamos I'm a 7.5 also (US sizing if anyone is wondering) what size should I go for?   Thinking in wearing this with blue and black jeans, and grey and navy pants.
That color is great, I saw those, but I wasn't brave enough to get them so instead I got the brown ones with red laces. Hopefully soon I will get the blue ones. Those are great shoes, my only problem with them is that after 6 hours or so of wearing they are not as comfortable as you would expect, it feels more like a piece of plywood than anything else. I wear my brown Neumoks with jeans always, the only thing is when I'm in South America they do catch a lot of attention.
First of all, what an awesome thread, and as you guys can see I'm new in the forum. Now business, I am wondering how do Carmina's shoes run. On Salvatore Ferragamo and Allen Edmonds I'm a 7.5 (US sizing) would carmina's run the same? Smaller? How about the width there I'm regular size. Thanks on advance for your help and time.   Best regards; arepaberry.
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