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Joe's stone crabs is alright. I don't see why so much fuzz about that place here in SF. If you want great seafood go to Scarpeta or Prime 112. Oh by the way, Zuma is overrated. The atmosphere is great, other than that the food is mediocre. A trendy place. Quatro/Cuatro, its good, but Del Gabbiano > Quattro all the way. So Does Scarpetta and Toscana Divino.
Question for the ones in the know.   I want to get those Carminas that Gentlemensfootwear have on sale, the blue string loafers on the uetam last. Here is the question. How would those compare in fit when it comes to the last 65 of Allen Edmonds. I recently got the Jeffersons on brown for $380 and the string loafers are 435, so no biggie there. The problem that I have with the Jefferson is that I have a bit of slip heel, so I'm just thinking in returning those. Thanks!
I can try that and no thats the funny thing. The socks that I'm using are between thin and medium weight, but it feels already snug enough. I don't think I can go for anything heavier than this.
I have a little bit of heel slip on my Jeffersons. I went for 6.5E because I noticed that my strands that are 6.5D are too damn tight and well I couldn't exchange them anymore (talking about the strands here) and I have wore it at least 20 times already. Any thoughts? I put those things that you put on the heel and it helps somewhat.   I don't really want to return the Jeffersons because there are not anymore of them in the company and well they were not so sure if they...
 Because I happen to go to Latin America and Miami a lot. Hint hint, robbers. Just want to get one for when I'm here. Disposable because They have taken several already and I'm sick of that.Photos will be more than welcome. Thanks! I will look into them.  That's exactly what I'm afraid of and I happen to go to Latin America a lot, Colombia and Venezuela to be exact. They have taken my wallets more than I can remember. Right now I'm only looking for one when I'm here in the...
 I see a wallet as something disposable, 250 is hitting the limit, but I wouldn't mind having a couple of them in rotation.I don't think I would ever spend that kind of dough on a wallet, that's just me though.
No you're just showing off.
I bought the Jeffersons and apparently were the last ones on the company. 350 for them, thats not bad at all. They are far more comfortable than any other pair of shoes that I own. I got them on brown. Again, amazing pair of shoes. 
Agreed, Juvia is great. Great Peruvian French fusion they have going on. That being said I have always thought that parking there is fucking stupid. 30 dollars for 2 hours. Fuck no. If you like a great view Area 31, the food is not the best though. Bal Harbor has a great place to eat, Makoto. The truffle noodles are awesome.
You're welcome. Also, if you can and you want to get diabetes, I'm not kidding, go to Serendipity on Lincoln Road. Let me know when you are going so I can give you an up to date list. So far this month I have been going to Miami every weekend.
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