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I took this lovely photo today. I love how the strands on walnut look against any tone of blue. It's just breathtaking. Perfect weather too in Orlando, or how I like to callit Whorelando.
So! My friend provided me with red laces for the Jeffersons and boy! They look awesome and so out of the league of pretty much everybody.   I love how they look, I will keep them like this for the time being.  
I like the yellow the most to be honest, thanks a lot for the photo, it helps a lot!
I managed to take this one while waiting for my friends. Love these in navy. Any ideas on what sole should I put after these ones are gone? I think I'm gonna have to change this ones in two months or so with the current use.  
Thank you guys! Sadly I couldn't go to Nordstrom because of timing and health issues, too much agave. I will try visiting the Allen Edmond store in Whorelando and see what they can do. Thanks once again.
Well, I know as a fact that I put all the pressure of my body in the ball of the heel, I can feel it no matter what kind of shoe I'm wearing. The left foot looks fine and no problem, the problem is this one (right one). I guess I will go to Nordstrom in a little bit and see what I can do. There are no Nordstroms in Whorelando.
SO I got told by other members to post this in here. I got the Allen Edmonds Strand on Walut barely a month ago and well yesterday I was wearing them and I felt a lot of discomfort at the heel. When I got them off and inspected the shoe, I noticed a small hole, its hard to see through the photos, but perhaps you guys can help. I'm going in a little bit to Nordstrom and hope I can exchange them. Was it a manufacturer problem or was my fault? Again I barely wear them.  
I go them from Nordstrom, I had to return the first ones I bought there was a lot awful of squeaking and there was also a problem with the welt. Here are two photos, sorry for the quality folks.    
They are exactly a month old. Which is bullshit and I barely get to wear them. Just a couple of times.
Today while wearing my strands, I was feeling some discomfort at the heel when I got home and inspected the shoe, I noticed there was a whole right at the heel, between the welt and the shoe. It is hard to explain. What should I do?
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