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Gaziano & Girling St. James II – 6.5F MH71 – Excellent Condition Purchased new from a fellow member. A little too snug in hindsight. Would never sell otherwise. Iconic Adelaide in very stunning Vintage Rioja. Under five wears and far in between. Saphir nourished (sole as well). Comes with box and bag. Ebays fees extra. Shipping from London at cost. Thank you for viewing.
Interested. Could you ship to London, UK? Thx
Thanks Gyasih
Thank you. Nothing short of a constant source of pleasure. I have this thing for smaller, understated chronos. And also prefer the older numeral style vs the new baton dials.
I say this calls for a "SCUMBAG APPRECIATION THREAD" - if one does not yet exist.
Will bump this for awareness sake.
Corrected! Thanks.
I will play
I purchased a pair of C&J Tetbury early last week from “maltess”. http://www.styleforum.net/u/65853/maltess   Link to listing: http://www.styleforum.net/t/381342/crockett-jones-tetbury-suede-uk7   Boots were never sent after paypal payment (made as “personal” as part of the deal, know never to do that now). Seller stopped responding (5+ chaser e-mails/pms sent to date).   I went with the deal in the first place because the seller had a positive feedback and was a...
New Posts  All Forums: