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Cool.. Looking forward to seeing them.
Yeah, this merinoultrasuede missed the mark for me.  When I saw their tweet I quickly loaded their site up and couldn't believe the price tag on the shorts and not sure what the hem was all about.  The square on the tee was also odd and off-putting.  Anyway....will be looking forward to what they come up with next, but props to them for experimenting. As I have mentioned, I really like the Proof Nomad pants and shorts.  They have a slimmer fit that the Outlier OGs.  Can't...
Didn't realize when they said the Maritime Jacket would be for sale first thing Wednesday morning, they meant Tuesday night.  Bummed I missed it, but glad they're doing a pre-sale for the next run.
The Outlier Lights have a more tailored top block IMO compared to the OGs.  Similar to the Nomads, but I would say the Nomads are a little slimmer.  I'm not a tiny guy and I wear the same size in Outlier and Proof.
Glad I am not the only one.  I love Outlier, don't get me wrong, but their buttons are not sewn very well.  I have had more than one waist button need to be re-sewn on both the OGs and Lights.
Only experience I have with Mission is with some shorts I got.  I wasn't crazy about them.  The rise didn't suit me....very snug
Has there ever been a pair of TS pants/denim that wasn't a button fly?
Greetings. I'm an occasional lurker that has been coming by more often to read up on brands that I like.  My rotation these days is performance fabrics (Outlier, Proof) and well-made American companies that do the majority, if not all, their manufacturing in the US (Taylor Stitch).  Throw in a designer or heritage brand here and there and there you have it.  Looking forward to learning something new and staying current on my favorite styles.
^ don't disagree.  I wish Proof would have a more regularly stocking procedure.  I like the fit of their Nomads alot and would be my go-to had I been able to grab more than just the Pine and True Grays.  Kicking myself for not grabbing the Ash Blues, but I had some Outlier Navy Lightweights which BTW, I also think fit great compared to the New OGs.
FIrst time poster, occasional lurker......thought I would comment on the recent New OGs I just picked up.  They seem to be a much more roomy thigh to leg opening cut than last season's which I also have.  The Navy even more so than the Charcoal.  Feel like I can only wear them with boots.  Waist seems to be about the same.
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