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Does anyone know if the button down collar on the anchor print is the same size as the spread collar? The spread collar was a bit big for my liking so I'd rather avoid having to deal with another return for a similar issue
Mauro,    any idea when the second batch of the khaki florals will be ready? I'm looking forward to both that and the tobacco henley.
Curious if I didn't receive a newsletter or if one didn't drop. I know on the last one it said there would be one on March 24. If not no worries, just wanting to make sure I didn't fail to receive it.
I ordered a tobacco henley along with my preorder for a khaki floral. I'm assuming they will be shipped together. Any idea how long the wait will be from now? Also any chance there will be any dotted shirts this s/s? I love the pink one but usually wear a small BD and am nervous the small AD will be too baggy. THoughts?
Just a heads up, the geometric print's price is $0.00
Mauro,   any chance you could tell us what the overdye colors will be? I thought they were going to be in the newsletter. Looking forward to them!
Mauro,   I know you said you would be making more of the chambrays, but I also thought we were going to have the chance to pre-order them. Did I miss an email or the opportunity to do so? I'm really stoked on the bicycle chambray and am hoping that I will still have the opportunity to get my hands on one.    Thanks
Well bicycles it is. Also did you happen to get my email regarding the fit of the henley?
Thank God!!! Those floral prints and Edo animals are a must and I slept on them.   Mauro, how would I go about getting a chambray in BD small. I'm specifically looking at the railroad stripe and the bicycles though I can probably only afford one at this time.
How tight are the Henleys? I am tempted to buy one but am pretty skinny, not sure it will look great... That tobacco color is crazy nice though
New Posts  All Forums: