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Stanley Korshak in Dallas. I'm almost dreading the day I first wear them... I just want to wipe them down with a soft cloth!
Just purchased this pair of Bontoni "Excelsior" triple monk with peeble grain. Photographed in jeans.. though I will probably only wear with tailored clothing.
For sale brand new in box never worn Frateli Rossetti brown monk strap dress shoe. Size 12 (marked as 11UK, translates to a 12 US). This shoe has slight antiqueing to it with a true medium brown color. This shoe is true to size with a D width. Original p $395.. asking $199>>$179>>$149>>$129 shipped.
Men over the age of 18 wearing flip flops... put on some damn shoes and dress like a man!!! Women wearing flip flops with dirty feet... its like they were walking in dirt all day and decided to go out without cleaning they're feet!! People who cant stop looking at their damn "Smart phone" ... It's a phone with email, pics and useless aps... wow! get over it!!
For Sale... Custom Scarpe DiBianco shoes Size 12 purchased from Stanley Korshak trunk show in Dallas, Tx. Shoes are brown with burnished (slightly darkened) toe and heel, reversed stitch detail, double buckle in excellent condition, worn about 8 - 10 times. This shoe is true to size, may also fit 11.5. width is normal. Shoes will ship in orginal box. Asking $499 >>$379>>$299shipped. Please PM me if interested, see pics below.
For sale.. Beautiful ISAIA charcoal flannel pin stripe suit. This fabric is relatively lightweight and is not only good for fall/winter but IMO can be worn year round in Northern climates. The piece is single breasted 2 button, side vents, functional button holes on sleeve. Slacks are cuffed and everything is in perfect condition. ASKING $499>$399>$349>>$299Shipped. PM me if interested. See measurements below: Length top of collar - 33.5" Shoulder - 19.5" Sleeve - 27"...
Gently worn navy blue Oxxford 1220 suit 44L pin stripe purchased from Stanley Korshak in Dallas Tx( Fall 2010). Original price $2,450, asking $649 >>>599>>$499>>$449>>$399 NOW $299! shipped anywhere in CONUS. The suit is 2 button single breasted with side vents. Pants are flat front with 1 3/4 in cuffs. The jacket has not been altered with the exception of functional button holes on sleeves. Please PM me if interested. Measurements: Length top of collar -...
Gently worn Sartoria Partenopea suit purchased from Pockets menswear in Dallas, Tx. Original retail $3,400 asking $649>>$599>>$499>>$349>>$299>>>$249>>$199>>$179 shipped If you're not familiar with this brand.. it was started by former Kiton staff and is mostly sold in Europe. The suit is sz 56L peak lapel with ticket pocket and side vents. the suit is in excellent condition, please PM me with any questions if interested. Price includes shipping anywhere in...
Never, under any circumstance is my wife (or any woman) allowed to buy clothes, shoes, accessories, etc for me! NEVER!! First of all, many woman like to "match" colors when buying ( the tie must match the suit, or shirt or shoes etc). Too many women don't know how to work with contrast or complimentary colors when it comes to menswear, don't even mention patterns. IMO, it's a sad state of affairs when I see a grown ass man letting his wife or gf pick out his clothes.
Oxxford Type "A" PS suit, Stefano Ricci Tie, Pink DS and Robert Talbott pocket square
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