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The studs don't look as "much" once you wear it lol.
It seems like brands such as 10 Deep, The Hundreds and of course the almighty Supreme are the main topics of discussions when it comes to street wear brands and this is how it has been for the past 6+ years. All the other brands that I have come across either have corny designs, made cheaply, or are just trying to mimic high end brands (and failing miserably)   Two brands that I feel like have extreme potential to be the future are DertBag and Death Precision, although...
I'm from Houston and I love the shit out of New York, but I can say that New York sucks because of the people they really feel themselves.
I'm 20 and I have a really nice two bedroom apartment. If I left it to my roommate to design our spot we will have fuck em rugs and red couches everywhere. Although I am young I want my apartment to have a sophisticated look. I really want to take my time with it. Offer suggestions please       used liquor bottles on top of kitchen cabinets. Is this tacky? Should I just throw my bottles away when we finish them? lol         okay in this space I am not sure...
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