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Posts by rmhtexas I was wondering if anyone could tell me what line this comes from and if they are a value at the sale price. Thanks, RMH
Will these work with jeans as well. I'm trying to get something that is flexible and can be worn in many situations.
I'm in love with these shoes and I'm hoping they are multipurpose enough to work with a suit. What do you think? Could I wear these with a suit?,default,pd.html?dwvar_MH00330_Color=BRWN&contentpos=11&cgid= Thanks
Trying to determine who is the maker of this Peal & Co. Shoe. Is it a C&J made shoe?®-U-Throat-Wingtips/MH00233,default,pd.html?dwvar_MH00233_Color=LTBR&contentpos=16&cgid=0522 Thanks for the help
Looking at buying a few shirts in the $45-70 range. Mostly classic white and light blue to start. Was wondering how these rank quality wise and if I should be looking at any other brands. Any shirt I get will make a trip to the tailor so fit is not really an issue. Thanks
I'm a 38" waist and 29" length. I usually buy a 30" length and get it tailored.
I was thinking of using one of the stylist to get some suggestion and because I'm color blind and have trouble matching. I'm 31, 5'9", 200 lbs, 16.5" neck, 32/33" sleeves (not sure of the rest). I picked up one pair of Bonobos weekday warriors in tan this past weekend to try. I've hear some good things on the brand and figured I'd try one but I need several more pairs and I'm still trying to find out what are some quality brands as opposed to just the expensive brands.
I picked up 3 pairs of Allen Edmonds over the past few months: a tan suede pair of chukkas, brown mora 2.0 double monk straps, and walnut strands. I'm looking to start with a few outfits and dress more casual on Friday. I was thinking wool dress pants or maybe chinos (probable have a mix) with a button down Oxford. I'm mainly looking at picking up some quality pants with just a a cheaper shirt or two to get me started. After this month I am planning on getting a few...
My office is pretty laid back, as in jeans, polos, and sneakers, however I want to dress in a more professional manner and I am looking to buy a few quality pairs of pants and shirts to improve my wardrobe. I know pretty much nothing about what brands are quality or not and could use a few recommendations. I was thinking of going to nordstroms and having the a personal stylist I've talked to a few times set me up with a few outfits, figure $500 for just shirts and pants...
Quote for size 9D for: Strands walnut Park Avenue black Dalton wingtip boot walnut Thanks!
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