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had a successful visit to the factory shop today...  
Snowdon   now officially ready for winter     
picked up these Mocca Suede Chelsea's from the sale today   a couple of the regular Jermyn St staff recognised me and were very kind helping me find stuff in my size (202 7F)   have been thinking about picking up a pair of suede shoes, so figured why not for £295. was hoping to see some Galways there (i can wear the 64 last in a 7E which is a slightly more common size) but no such luck  
thinking about selling my Galways. if anyone is interested pm me. not sure i can be bothered with the whole ebay thing. they're black calf on dainite. 7F. 606 last.   the 7F in the 202 fits me perfectly. but with the 606 i have a bit too much room in the heel   its a real shame. payed over £1000 to have them made.   still. you live and learn. 
does Will Smith wear black dovers in Men in Black? appears to be the case from this frame:
 i am indeed. currently what i would really like is a Galway in Mahogany country calf in a 202 7F. but made without the toe cap stitching (!) so it has a plain toe. unfortunately currently the only way to do that is to do it as a Top Shelf which i was told would cost around £1500 failing that i also like the Alderly. and could probably be convinced on other boot types. but the 202 7F is the only combination that really fits me properly, so would need to stick with that i...
i really like how the 82 last makes cap toe chelsea shoes look. but with plain toe shoes i think i prefer the 202 last. strange how such a small detail can make such a significant difference
lol. just for the purposes of the experiment. dont panic - i didnt leave the house wearing no socks and odd shoes 😉
   i agree that in my experience the 82 is a slimmer last than the 202. but i also think that the 82 is a longer last than the 202. pics below for reference. they seemed to my eye to be identical in length. but for the sake of precision i also measured them both and found the 202 to be only 1mm longer despite being 1/2 size larger. the 202 is currently the most comfortable shoe to wear. but i know both of these shoes will stretch with time. and i don't yet know which one...
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