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sup sf. haven't been on here in forever. here's what I wore today.    
hah, I may live in stl, but funnily enough I can't stand st. louis style pizza. always just tasted like ketchup and plastic on a stale tortilla to me. chicago style forever...
just got back from the state thespian conference, where my improv team won 1st in the whole state. so that's pretty cool/very unexpected. we got to perform for like 2,000 people at the assembly at the end of the day.
thanks man. I just realized the hat does look sorta matchy matchy, that's probably due to my camera-ineptness though. the jacket is dark green and the hat is more of a melange-y wool-y gray.   what color beanie do you think would work well? I have a navy one (which would also be pretty matchy) and I've been looking to pick up another soon.
a message told me to introduce myself on here, so here I am. I'm Sam. I decided to finally make an account on styleforum after lurking around for a few months; other than that, I've been a part of the /r/mfa community for almost two years now.   I'm a high school student, I like clothes (as you probably were able to figure out) and theatre a lot. I don't watch many movies (still like em) but I listen to a ton of music.   that's about all. I'm looking forward to...
hey. this is my first post here. the sf format is taking some getting used to, but I'm liking it so far. here is what I wore today:
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