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Mid 60's - I had just made a trip to London and bought all new clothes for school from John Stephen" on Carnaby Street. Epaulets on shirts, hip-hugger chalk striped bell bottom trousers, chelsea/ jodhpur boots. It was all very rad... ;-). All the while my dad was at Anderson & Sheppard, Edward Green, & Aquascutum.
I thought this was a very cool SB Notch Lapel...very soft construction. .. with 5-7 buttons down the front starting at the notch
Can anyone identify Howard Sterns outfit on the Letterman show Monday night?
I'm still on my Dux Bed. So now it's been 18 years. Still going strong and providing a great nights sleep!
As I stated in an earlier post...imo "cool quartz watches" is an oxymoron. ... having said that there is a vintage IWC Flierger Pilot Chronograph Model #3741. What I really like about this watch is: A. Its size is 37mm or 38mm (l'm off/done with big watches) B.The movement was produced by Jeager le Coultre. While the primary movement (itself) is quartz the chronograph portion of the movement is mechanical with over 230 hand made 'mechanical' pieces. this case (no...
Try Mario's & Butch Blum if they are still in business they are both good stores with a high taste level
Maybe you guys can pull me out of the 'dark ages'. I have a DINC and I've been loving it! What does it mean, and what are the.benefits "to root a phone" ? What is Froyo? Thanks
Check out: Mario's and Butch Blum
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