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Hi all, Sorry to take things slightly off-topic, but since this is a relatively simple and novice question I thought I'd ask here. I know that SFers typically dimple their ties, but most ties here are also pretty subtle. I personally think that ties with busier patterns (Ferragamo and Hermes) might look better/cleaner undimpled... thoughts?
This is the loop I'm talking about:   My tie doesn't have it, but I read online that Hermes ties should have one... not sure if that's true.
Do all Hermes ties have the loop under the fatter blade? I just received one that doesn't and am not sure what this means (I don't have a lot of experience with Hermes ties). Thanks!
From last week... should have participated in the Yellow Tie FC but had no robo-pics. Critique always welcome    
Do you know when the Park last will be available in their RTW/non-MTO models?
MTM actually :/ I see what you mean... I'll ask them to reduce the wrist next time.
Fit feedback welcome... especially interested in thoughts on trouser length (too long?)  
Do you think that the Zegna "cool effect" will get fuzzy over time like the fresco?
Hi everyone, this is my first time choosing a cloth. I'm getting a mid-grey MTM suit, and I'm looking for a soft fabric that wears well. I'm considering a Zegna Cool Effect 190gr and an Ariston 270gr S130. Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions on how these two compare? Thanks!   If images will help: Zegna (top left):     Ariston (2nd row, left or middle column):
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