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 @Monkeyface and @Gerry Nelson -- Thanks for the suggestion! I was worried that a dimple would look too busy with the motif. Do you dislike the tie’s color or pattern? Unfortunately I can’t get away in my environment with a pocket square at my age.
From a headshot session:       Comments?
Hi all, Sorry to take things slightly off-topic, but since this is a relatively simple and novice question I thought I'd ask here. I know that SFers typically dimple their ties, but most ties here are also pretty subtle. I personally think that ties with busier patterns (Ferragamo and Hermes) might look better/cleaner undimpled... thoughts?
This is the loop I'm talking about:   My tie doesn't have it, but I read online that Hermes ties should have one... not sure if that's true.
Do all Hermes ties have the loop under the fatter blade? I just received one that doesn't and am not sure what this means (I don't have a lot of experience with Hermes ties). Thanks!
From last week... should have participated in the Yellow Tie FC but had no robo-pics. Critique always welcome    
Do you know when the Park last will be available in their RTW/non-MTO models?
MTM actually :/ I see what you mean... I'll ask them to reduce the wrist next time.
Fit feedback welcome... especially interested in thoughts on trouser length (too long?)  
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