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Finally picked up some Chromexcel Rush Streets for $227 from my local store.  I've been wanting a pair since they came out.   Also, I think I'm going to be listing my Chili Strands and Brown Park Avenues up on eBay soon since I never wear them.
No reason to be scared of doing the maintenance yourself. Pick up some neutral leather conditioner and polish, read/watch a few tips on the AE site and you'll be good.
I'd get Merlot or Bourbon. Both are great colors that go with most anything. Dark Brown if you want to be the most conservative I guess, but it would be my last choice.
Weird. I wear Strands 3-4 times a week for 8-9 hours a day and never experience any discomfort unless I tie them too tight.
How many times have you worn them? Mine have always been comfortable, but after wearing them 5-10 times they fit like a glove. Sometimes I forget they're even on my feet.In reference to cap toe creasing, I have it on all three pairs of Strands. It looks like the Park Avenues may not follow suit, but it's too early to tell. It bothers me at times, but nothing I can do so might as well embrace it.
I saw recently that AE stores will sometimes price match the Nordstrom sale. Any idea if they'd price match a belt in a color not carried by Nordstrom? I'm looking for a Merlot Manistee, but don't want to pay $120 for it.
Agreed, dark brown is very dark. I prefer it with the transparent brown edging to give it some contrast.
Not the best lighting, but here are Chili Strands, Walnut Park Avenues, Bourbon Strands and Merlot Strands. Don't have any Dark Brown, but I did try some on and they were very dark. Much darker than Bourbon.
I have and love the Manistee in Bourbon to match my Strands. Not sure how it will look with the Park Avenues though.
Well I'm 0 for 2 on finding a belt to match my new walnut Park Avenues. I ordered a wide basic from the Tanger Outlet and the color is very blotchy on it. Also ordered the new Grapevine from 6PM.com for $100 and while it looks great, it's about an inch shorter than the Wide Basic and Manistee. Disappointed because I want to wear these new PA's! Guess I'll see if I can find something decent at the mall this weekend.
New Posts  All Forums: